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Vidyard’s AI Sales Tools Playbook

All AI, no BS. This playbook lays out four killer tactics that put AI sales tools to work for you.

Some sales tasks are mind-numbing and time-devouring, and just about every seller hates doing them. In this playbook, we'll show you exactly how to use AI to take care of those tasks for you. Welcome to a way more productive workday.

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The playbook's cover, featuring the playbook's title and a smiling man on a laptop
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Inside the Playbook

Make AI Do Your Least Favorite Sales Tasks For You

In this 10-page PDF, we'll show you how to use AI tools to generate new leads, create cold emails and scripts, connect with prospects, and research competitors and new verticals.

When you're using AI to the fullest, you'll waste less of your precious time, effort, and sanity on those brain-dead tasks that devour your hours.

  • Step-by-step guides on using AI tools to streamline essential sales tasks
  • Tips for getting the most out of AI tools
  • Recommendations on which AI sales tools to try

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