Every year around this time, we highlight some of the best video marketing examples over the past year in an attempt to provide inspiration to B2B marketers as the new year rolls in.

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The truth is, we all need a little bit of inspiration. Especially in the video world. Mainly because the use of video is proving to be more and more crucial to marketing success. In fact, marketers using video are growing revenue 49% faster than those who aren’t and 74% of B2B marketers say video content converts better than any other medium.

So crack open a fresh page in your 2016 planner and take notes from the best.

10. Best Use of a Customer Story

Squarespace’s ‘Building a Website with Jeff Bridges’

Straight-up interviews with your customers captured on camera is one way to go about telling your customers’ stories. Or you could follow the route of Squarespace, who told the story of Jeff Bridges’ sleeping tapes in a raw and oh-so-captivating way.

9. Best Sales and Marketing Alignment Video

Zuora’s ‘Talk to Your Doctor’

When you watch this video, you’ll most likely recognize the format. But Zuora’s application of a popular commercial turned customer story not only helped their marketing team share important stories with their sales team but also broke down the barriers to sales’ adoption of video for their own tactics. Win-win, I’d say!

This video won a 2015 Video Marketing Award! Learn more and see other winners here.

8. Best Use of Humor in B2B

FedEx’s ‘Growing Business’

There’s in-your-face humor and then there’s FedEx’s subtle humor. We love that this video communicates the value the company can provide to a growing business with a touch of straight-faced humor at the end. And by playing with their own special effects, no less!

7. Best Big Bang Video on a Small Budget

Salesforce’s ‘Professional Edition’

This product demo helped buyers self-serve, freeing up Account Executive’s time as a result. Plus, it was a serious budgeted production by only one person at Salesforce using Keynote, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro C and a USB mic with a 15” Macbook Pro Retina display.

The results say it all, though: in the first two quarters of 2015, the video influenced almost $1 million in sales.

This video won a 2015 Video Marketing Award! Learn more and see other winners here.

6. Best Feature Demo

Volvo’s ‘Look Who’s Driving’

This is the second year in a row that Volvo has taken this category (last year with ‘Epic Split’). What can I say, when the value of your product can be shown on camera, show it on camera! Demonstration beats description every time!

5. Best Educational Video

TD Ameritrade’s ‘RIA Journey to Independence’

TD Ameritrade’s Journey to Independence campaign set up an online, self-serve mentorship program. New RIAs (registered investment advisors) can learn from successful RIAs who have gone before them. It’s a great example of how video is the next best thing to being there in person.

This was the campaign’s intro video, you can see the rest of the campaign here.

4. Best Video Series

Intel’s ‘Jim Parsons and the Intel Innovation Adventure’

Oh Jim Parsons … aka Sheldon! How we love you.

Not only is this video a great example of utilizing a TV personality that so many know and love, but also a great example of building a consistent series off of one main character. (Keep watching after the first video, below, to see others in the series.)

3. Best Use of Video in Integrated Marketing Campaign

Gainsight’s ‘Blank Space’

Gainsight created this video for their PULSE conference, where they hired, not only an acapella group, but a T-Swift impersonator to sing this song at the event, too. That’s a strong (and unusual!) integration.

This video won a 2015 Video Marketing Award! Learn more and see other winners here.

2. Best Play on Pop Culture

Datto’s ‘SIRIS Pancakes’

We all know Gordon Ramsay. This video is an amazing example of utilizing a strong pop culture figure and mixing in a little humor and ‘resourcefulness’! While we can all tell that their may have been a few different scenes blended together to create this final video, this particular recipe will certainly pique your interest!

1. Best B2B Storytelling

Schneider Electric’s ‘Llama Superstar’

“Tell the story so your audience can relate” is a best practice we’ve heard over and over. But Schneider Electric took it one step further to beef up the story to an inspirational (and slightly absurd) level!

And that’s a wrap on the past year in exemplary video marketing. Want more?! Check out 2014’s top video marketing examples, too.

Kimbe MacMaster