HubSpot Marketing

Increase close rates by 20% when you score leads with video and engage prospects with nurture content through the entire funnel.

Get noticed

Drive 80% higher conversions by adding video to email, HubSpot landing pages, blogs, social media and more - all from one central dashboard.

Find New Leads

Create new leads in HubSpot marketing by identifying video viewers with easy to build lead capture tools.

Qualify leads faster

Track who’s watching which videos and use those insights to qualify leads faster, automate nurture workflows and build smartlists based on who’s most engaged in your message

Measure impact

From views to revenue, Vidyard’s analytics provide the metrics you need to discover what’s working and be a true data driven video marketer.

HubSpot Sales

Be more human by selling with video. Cut through the noise and get noticed for 8x higher response rates.

Personalize prospecting

Stand out and get the attention you deserve by recording and sending custom videos for prospecting and selling that convert 8X higher.

Focus on the best leads

Spot the most engaged prospects and strike while the iron’s hot with notifications the instant a potential customer watches your videos.

Access your best videos

Stop wasting time hunting down the best marketing and sales videos. Build and send custom video playlists from your email inbox.

HubSpot CRM

Connect video to your CRM to spot the most engaged prospects and personalize the sales motion for 30% larger deals.

Prioritize follow-ups

Zero-in on the best opportunities by identifying the most engaged leads based on video consumption across your website.

Tailor your selling approach

Track every video interaction with any individual in one place. Discover what content your lead is most interested in so you can personalize your sales and marketing approach.

So, what makes us different?

Deep data on video viewership

More than a pretty picture. Vidyard builds the most complete and actionable video viewing profile for each lead across their HubSpot Contact Profile and Timeline.

Connected to the tools you use

Vidyard works with HubSpot Marketing and CRM along with other popular sales and marketing tools your team already uses like Facebook, YouTube, Salesforce and more...

Video creation so easy, anyone can do it

Whether you’re a salesperson looking to record a demo or a marketer trying to capture a presentation, Vidyard makes it easy for anyone to create and send video.

A complete video platform for business

Only Vidyard offers a full suite of video tools to help you reach, engage and convert viewers including personalized video, live streaming, video optimization and more...