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The Best Way to Grow with Video

Vidyard is how inbound marketing teams unlock the full power of video in HubSpot. Add videos to your campaigns, measure their impact, and automate next steps to convert visitors, engage customers, and grow your business.

Get More Out of HubSpot (and Your Videos)

If you want your growing business to stay competitive, you need to turn video views into actionable next steps. Vidyard’s HubSpot integration is your secret weapon for using video to generate leads, close deals, and delight customers.

Drag, Drop, Done

Create or upload videos with Vidyard, then add them to your webpages in HubSpot with a simple drag-and-drop. HubSpot’s Media Bridge lets anyone on your team access your Vidyard video content.

Track Each Contact’s Views in HubSpot

Video view data gets pushed right into HubSpot CRM. Details about every view are logged on a contact’s Activity Timeline, so marketing and sales know what a contact is most interested in.

Let Automation Do the Heavy Lifting

Feed view data into your marketing automation. Segment lists, score leads, or trigger automated workflows and nurture campaigns based on who’s watched what and who’s most engaged.

Refine Your Strategy with Custom Reporting

Build custom reports and dashboards that measure the impact of your video content. Understand which videos perform best, how customers engage, and how video impacts your business.

Ready to see Vidyard and HubSpot in Action? Book a demo with us.