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Level Up Your Sales Cadences with Video

Vidyard helps inside sales teams boost the effectiveness of their prospecting emails from Sales Engagement (formerly High Velocity Sales). Easily record and send videos to personalize your sales cadences and reach more leads.

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Personalize Your Sales Emails to Boost Response Rates

Prospects can spot a generic template from a mile away. Take text-based emails to the next level by adding video messages that are proven to grab prospects’ attention and get them listening to what you have to say.

Record, Send, Connect

Record and send video emails right from Sales Engagement (formerly High Velocity Sales). Vidyard’s browser extension adds a tool to your email window that makes it easy—whether you’re going outbound to prospects or responding to inbound leads.

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Record and send videos from High Velocity Sales

Add Videos Into Your Sales Cadences

Boost the effectiveness of every sales cadence with a personal touch. Let reps know where in their email templates they should add a video for the most impact—from first-touch introductions to follow-ups and beyond.

Add video into sales cadences in High Velocity Sales

Keep Track of Every View

Know exactly which videos a prospect has watched. View data from Vidyard gets logged to lead records in Salesforce so you can prioritize your follow-up with the right next steps.

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Track Vidyard video views in High Velocity Sales

Measure Impact on Pipeline and Performance

Create custom reports and dashboards in Salesforce to analyze video’s impact on your sales targets. Know how video drives your team’s pipeline, revenue, and performance.

Measure video performance in Salesforce

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