Marketo + Vidyard

Engage leads with video

With Marketo + Vidyard, unlock the power of video to generate more leads and engage with audiences at every stage of the customer journey.

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Bring the power of Vidyard into Marketo

Vidyard hosts your videos, analyzes their effectiveness, and gives you the power to transform them into your new favorite marketing tools. Easily add videos to your Marketo channels (and beyond!), and access valuable view data to help drive powerful interactions with your audiences.

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“With Vidyard as our video hosting platform, we are able to qualify leads 6X faster on our website using video engagement data inside of Marketo.”
Paulo Martins
Head of Digital Marketing,

Attract new prospects with video

Interact with your viewers and turn them into qualified leads. The Vidyard playback experience is fully customizable with the ability to add Marketo forms or other interactive CTAs, directly into your video.

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Engage buyers throughout their journey

Use video to educate your leads and keep them engaged. Embed your videos in your Marketo landing pages, emails, or anywhere else in just a few clicks.

Measure the impact of your videos

Access video engagement data directly in Marketo to score and segment your leads, trigger Interesting Moments, and understand how your videos are performing overall.

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Personalize your follow-up

Did a prospect watch more than 75% of your homepage video? Use video view data in Marketo to build Smart Campaigns and Smart Lists, and send your prospects targeted content to keep them moving through the funnel.

Power your ABM strategy with video

Use video to connect, engage and convert accounts as part of your ABM programs.


The Video Marketing with Marketo Engage Playbook is your step-by-step guide to setting achievable goals, drafting an effective strategy for using videos in Marketo Engage, and converting leads.

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