Generate More Leads

Transform videos from building awareness to building lead flow.

Boost conversion of Marketo landing pages, email campaigns and nurture programs by easily embedding Vidyard video content using the drag and drop Marketo editor. Vidyard makes it easy to generate new leads with video by using calls-to-action that will create a new lead record in Marketo.

Qualify higher quality leads, faster!

Add viewing behaviour to your lead scoring in Marketo.

Lead Scoring

With Vidyard and Marketo you can score leads based on how much of a video they've viewed - pushed directly into the activity log for individual leads.

Smart Campaigns

Trigger Marketo Smart Campaigns, email programs and drip nurturing based on how leads engage with video content across your website, YouTube, social... and beyond!

Smart Lists

Build Marketo Smart Lists for leads engaging with video to segment your prospects and target them with campaigns to move them through the funnel.

Interactive Events

Video is now a two-way conversation! Create a powerful and relatable experience with Interactive Events that help you identify your audience, learn about them, and convert them along a content journey.

Email Gates

Collect contact info from your viewers before the video plays with an Email Gate.

Pop Out Events

Encourage viewers to interact with your video at just the right moment with a Pop Out Event while the video continues to play.

Final Events

Use a Final Event at the end of your video to guide viewers to take the next step. Show them a landing page, a contact form, and more...

Drive Sales

Equip sales with more context to close more deals.

  • Equip sales with instant alerts when leads engage with video content by adding real time Vidyard data to the Marketo Sales Insight.
  • Add valuable video engagement data directly into individual customer records with native Salesforce CRM integration.
  • Arm sales with valuable context for their next conversation like which products or topics a prospect is most interested in.

case study

Taulia Uses Video to Drive $125 Million in Pipeline

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