Every year we sit down and put together the best videos from the year that just passed. And every year we share them with you. Because, who doesn’t love to get a little inspiration from the greats who traveled before us? Or, maybe just spend another 15 minutes watching videos online? Yeah we get sucked into that black hole, too. Don’t worry.

This year, we present you with a mix of both B2B and B2C videos to give you the absolute best caliber of marketing to use … well, however you like in 2017!

10. Best Comedy

Chatbooks’ ‘Stop Wasting Hours Making Photo Books’

This video is Dollar Shave Club meets Poo Pourri. And that is saying something given that both of those videos seem to reign at the top of the charts years after they were published. This long-winded explanation of the automatic photo book app, Chatbooks, is a perfect mix of wit, charm, product description, and the honest truth of motherhood.

9. Best Personalization

Lenovo’s ‘I Fixed It – the IT Anthem’

Lenovo created this anthem for all the IT pros out there. And yep, it’s relatable as ever. Plus, they personalized the anthem so their prospects and customers received their own custom anthem. (The video below is personalized for Sangram Vajre at Terminus, so use your own imagination to replace his name or company name with your own!)

8. Best Online Celebrity Partnership

Zoom’s ‘Put Your Dongle Away’

Zoom is a cordless presentation and video conferencing solution that eliminates the need for ever plugging in your dongle again. That doesn’t seem like the most exciting fodder for good marketing content, but when you bring the online comedy team, Tripp and Tyler, into the mix, you have all the fodder you need for the perfect comedy sketch.

7. Best Parody

Conductor’s ‘SEO and Content Go to Couple’s Therapy’

If you’ve ever worked in, worked with someone who worked in, or heard anything about content or SEO, you’ll understand this video. Conductor, a technology solution for both of these worlds, parodies couple’s therapy and really resonates with the struggles of their target audience. And they’re not afraid to call them out.

6. Best Cause Campaign

AT&T’s ‘The Unseen, It Can Wait’

The ‘It Can Wait‘ campaign isn’t a new addition to AT&T’s line-up. I believe the series started in 2014. But it’s been such a success (and a key part of AT&T’s charitable arm) that they continue to release new videos every few months, and they never seem to decrease in impact.

5. Best Benefit Explanation

Purple’s ‘How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful’

Anyone can go on and on about different kinds of mattresses, springs, or sleep technology, but until you see it in action in the context of something you can relate to (like raw eggs), it’s just kinda hard to get. Purple, a mattress company, did just this. Plus, they added some great tongue in cheek humor and a reference to Goldilocks to hit this one out of the park.

4. Best Use of Live Streaming

Virgin’s ‘Seize the Holiday’

Instead of showing the various destinations Virgin Holidays offers in a regular, blue-skied camera shoot, Virgin decided to show a handful of locations in real time. This seemed to hammer home, even more than usual, that viewers could actually be somewhere completely different in the world … right this very moment. And that other location might be a whole lot more interesting than what they’re doing right now!

3. Best YouTube Ad

Hotels.com’s ‘Skip this Ad’

Hotels.com is known for being quirky and humorous in all their ads, which is probably the exact reason they decided to have fun with the “Skip this Ad” button we’re all too familiar with on YouTube. While they purchased a non-skippable ad, they let viewers believe the opposite. When the viewers clicked “Skip this Ad”, they’d see the characters in Hotels.com ad begin to literally skip! The video below shows an example of what a YouTube viewer would experience.

2. Best Use of Immersive Video on Website

The University of Sydney’s 360 Degree Tour

The more that video becomes the predominant medium consumed online, the more we’ll see it seamlessly integrated into online experiences. And boy did The University of Sydney ever do that! Their 360 degree tour allows the user to explore the campus and see different students’ perspectives in a way that only video could allow.



To experience the full effect, go to their website here.

1. Best Use of Interactivity

Usher’s ‘Don’t Look Away’

I know, I know. You’re thinking: of course the number one spot goes to a celebrity who owns shoes that cost more money than the rest of our video marketing budgets. But believe me, this one made the list because it seriously breaks the mold and pushes the boundaries of video marketing. Not only that, it’s for a cause beyond Usher’s pocket.

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