You know video’s where it’s at. But how do you create content that will pull in qualified buyers and keep them coming back for more? Alex Marshall, Founder of George Briggs Media shares his top tips to crafting the right video content and driving measurable results.

Video Transcript:

At this point you’re either leveraging video in your marketing plan or know you soon need to. Just about any business can benefit from using video, but often, the ROI they’re expecting gets lost in execution. Either because it’s intimidating, it doesn’t communicate your key messages well, or it’s hard to see how it fits in with your current strategy…

Let’s remember why video is important in the first place: it’s a way to connect with audiences on an emotional level. Video captivates audiences because it emulates real life or even a distorted reality we idealize. Crafting an emotional connection is the key to great video – whether you’re a B2C or B2B company.

Here are 4 tips on building the right video content that will engage your audience and bring measurable results to your objectives: 

1. Empathy is key.

Your product features are certainly important, but developing a creative way to communicate the benefits they’ll offer your customers is key. If you want them to listen, the concept you develop needs to be contextual to their needs.

2. Quality / Quantity

Where the number of views is concerned, quality is often more important than quantity. Virality is great for increasing exposure and awareness, but is your content being viewed by the right audience? If 3 million teenagers watch your video because it’s hilarious but you provide software for SME’s, those views may not be so valuable. It’s important to create content your target audience will want to engage with.

3. Use a Feedback Loop

Video can be a very aggravating process if the details aren’t ironed out in the beginning. As you develop the script and story boards, always revisit and seek outsider opinions (preferably from your ideal customers) to see if the concept resonates. In the video world, the old proverb, “measure 10 times, cut once” can save you a lot of time and money – in production and in the editing room.

4. Seek professional help.

Getting a camera-savvy employee to shoot a short video here and there can work well for some content types, and is often a fair bit cheaper than outsourcing. But video agencies offer more than just the gear and expertise — they provide valuable input in fitting the creative concept to your strategy, and help steer you away from some of the hazards that even some of the most seasoned video professionals can miss.

Alex Marshall