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February 10, 2015

7 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Video Production Company

When it comes to video marketing these days, marketers have access to sophisticated video marketing platforms with features to store and manage their video content, capture leads and most importantly, measure advanced analytics and ROI.

So what’s missing in this equation?  Producing the content.

If you’re one of the many large organizations that produces video content in-house, you’ll agree this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clear. Capacity or timing issues might force you to seek out an outside video production company or agency to create your video content. If you fall into this camp, fear not—here’s some expert advice to make your search as painless (and profitable) as possible.

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Can the production company handle campaign volume?

What’s “campaign volume,” you ask?  Generally speaking, a video campaign consists of a series of related videos distributed over a predetermined timeframe. There’s no hard or fast rule that stipulates how many videos make up a campaign; it really depends on your goals, timeline and types of video you are using.  If your campaign is testimonial-driven for example, you probably don’t need more than five testimonials, deployed once per week.

Whereas if you want to create short profile videos for all your products, or create how-to videos, then the sky’s the limit. Luckily, there are video companies today like SoMedia Networks that can produce any number of videos in a short period of time. So remember to think about the volume of videos before choosing your video provider.

Does the production company provide a platform to manage scale?

There are a lot of moving parts in high-volume video production that need to be managed. They can include ordering to script-writing, filming to screening. So it’s vital to source a video partner that offers a scalable video production platform with tools that enable you to effectively monitor, track and manage multiple projects from start to finish.

Geographic CostsIs the production company limited geographically?

By its very nature, video production is local. So you can deal with a brick and mortar production company or agency capable of serving local needs, but then it gets more expensive if you need to deal with multi-location, multi-city, or even multi-country requirements. If your video campaign spans across multiple cities, make sure your video provider has or can access a managed workforce of video professionals. This will be easier on the old budget.

What is the company’s core expertise?

Learn what types of videos are in a production company’s comfort zone. A company may come with great testimonials, but if they built their portfolio on covering events or producing animated videos, and you need a series of product videos or branded ads, they may not be the best fit for you.

How quickly can they deliver?Delivery Time

It can often be a lengthy wait from the day you put down your deposit to the day your video is delivered. Don’t be afraid to push the limit. To ensure your video content is timely, find a provider who can deliver video content within 14 business days – they’re out there!

Do they stand behind the quality of their work?

Not all video providers offer satisfaction guarantees; in many crowd-sourced marketplaces it’s difficult to control the quality of freelance videographers. If there is a guarantee, read the fine print to see what it includes. It may cover the entire cost of the video, or only the referral fee.

Do they provide video revisions over time?

All great marketers know that if your content isn’t performing well, you need to optimize your content by analyzing your data, pinpointing areas of improvements, making the necessary edits and testing. Video content is no different!

While it might sound daunting to make changes to a complete video, it doesn’t have to be. There’s a simple formula: divide your video into the three distinct parts of Act 1 (intro), Act 2 (body) and Act 3 (conclusion). Then analyze your drop-off rates for each section. Finding a video provider that understands the importance of analytics and is willing to work with you to optimize your content over time should be priority number one in your search.

Keep these requirements in mind and you’ll be sure to find a production company that meets your needs!

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Colin Osing

Colin Osing

Colin Osing has been marketing products & solutions in cloud-based businesses and online media since 1999 working at both start-ups and enterprise businesses. He is currently VP of Marketing at SoMedia, responsible for the overall marketing strategy of SoMedia’s Scalable Video Production solutions including demand generation, content and product marketing.

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