Fast Forward is less than a week away, and we’re more excited than ever about what our speakers are planning to talk about. From seasoned sales leaders taking their teams to the next level with video, to marketing trailblazers that wrote the book on driving more conversions with video, there’s something for everyone at Fast Forward. Whether you’re new to video, or you’ve been pressing record since before you could walk, this event is for you!

But don’t take our word for it–let’s dive into what our keynotes and panels are going to share with you:

For Sales Leaders:

How Our SDRs Tripled Response Rates with Personal Video Messaging  – Ryan Vitello – Terminus
Video messaging has transformed our outbound prospecting (and our results)! See exactly how we do it, how we trained our team, and what we’ve learned so far.

Proven Ways to Use Video Throughout the Deal Cycle to Boost Close Rates – Doug Davidoff – Imagine LLC
When it comes to B2B selling, video is the next best thing to being there in person. Learn how to use video throughout the deal cycle to close more business, faster.

How We Use Video to Convert 25% of Trial Leads and Accelerate Inbound Sales – Dylan Hey – Leadfeeder
Learn how LeadFeeder uses inbound marketing and video to convert 25% of their sales leads to revenue by enabling sales professionals to build relationships with prospects.

For Marketers:

From Tactical to Strategic: Our Path to B2B Video Marketing Maturity and ROI – Michael Ballard – Lenovo
From YouTube and views, to Personalized Video and real pipeline. Learn how Lenovo’s B2B Demand Gen team has taken video from a tactic to a core strategy.

Just Do It: Video Production 101 for ANY B2B Marketer – George B Thomas -The Sales Lion
Video doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. Join inbound marketing ninja George B. Thomas to see how anyone in marketing can start creating great videos today.

Storytelling with Video: Creating a Narrative to Disrupt and Drive Action – Michael Margolis – Get Storied
Video isn’t just a new way to tell the same story. Narrative strategist Michael Margolis shares how to create a new narrative through storytelling that inspires action.

For Vidyard Users:

How to Generate Leads from Video Using Vidyard’s Interactive Player- Stephanie Yi – Vidyard
Lights, camera, call-to-action! Get the latest tips on how to use embedded forms and interactive video to generate more leads and accelerate the buying journey.

There are over 20 speakers to learn from at Fast Forward, and you’ll be joining over 1,500 marketers, sales professionals, and customer success superstars for 2 full days of virtual video learning. So what are you waiting for? Register now!

Hannah Cameron