Hello, and welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! This week we want to really quickly run through eight tips for testing your video before sharing it with the world.

  1. Test on multiple browsers — what works in Firefox, may not work the same way in Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  2. Deploy on a back-end site first so you can verify that everything works.
  3. Test on multiple devices — iPhones and Android devices render things differently.
  4. Test your Calls-to-Action or YouTube annotations to make sure they link to the right place.
  5. Ensure you have proper tracking in place, whether you’re using UTM tags or otherwise, to make sure you can track these clicks back to your video.
  6. Test your form submits and tagging — there’s nothing worse than launching a campaign only to discover the leads didn’t go where they were supposed to!
  7. For big campaigns, run your video past a few other people on your team. You’re never going to notice every detail, and a fresh set of eyes may catch something you didn’t.
  8. Ensure your content works on social — if someone shares your video, will that work properly?

Obviously the list of things you should be testing depends on how you build your campaigns, but hopefully this short list is helpful info for getting your next video campaign right. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned in another few weeks for another episode!

Bonus Fact: Jon’s shirt today is from the fabulous Yeti Cafe in Kitchener that caters our office lunches. If you find yourself at the Vidyard office, be sure to check them out!

Jon Spenceley