Video Marketing Best Practices? You want 'em. We got 'em!You’ve created a great video, but aside from its killer content, what are you doing to optimize your performance overall? What are you doing to ensure you’re data-driven?

It’s only as you start to streamline your video marketing process that you really begin to adopt best practices, so – in the interest of helping you out – we’ve started a new bi-weekly series to showcase some small things you can do that’ll make a huge difference. Some of our tips will keep you ahead of the game (like today’s best practice), and others will help you catch up (you’re not including video in emails yet? C’maaaan!)

So let’s get started with episode 1…

Good Idea: Add Video Data to Your Marketing Automation Platform

Because marketing automation platforms help you consolidate data in one handy place, it really does make sense you’d want all your video data in there, contributing to lead scoring, segmentation, and personalized nurturing based on people’s demonstrated interests. Take a look in today’s Marketing Good Idea/Bad Idea:

Definitely time to ditch Wanda!


Make sure to download the one-pager packed with helpful information, including why your current lead scoring system just won’t cut it if you’re not accounting for video consumption.

Stay tuned for more video marketing best practices, and leave us a comment for tips you’d like to add, or topics you want to see covered!

To see which marketing automation platforms you can feed video data directly into, check out our integrations page.

Jennifer Pepper