Drive More Telecom Sales with Video

You’re in the business of communication—so your interactions should shine! Build human connections with sales leads, prospects, and buyers using personal, on-demand video.

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How to Increase Telecom Sales with Video

It’s a competitive telecommunications sales market out there. Your team needs every edge it can get. Our easy-to-use one-to-one video tools help you capture the attention of busy prospects and close more deals.

Book More Meetings Remotely

Build face-to-face sales relationships via video, even when in-person meetings are off the table.

Send Demo Videos on the Go

Quickly explain complex, technical products via a visual medium that’s easy for viewers to consume.

A Unique Sales Differentiator

Get ahead of the competition using a video-powered sales strategy that helps your brand stand out.

How Our Clients Use Video for Telecommunications Sales
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Video Helps HubSpot Drive Global Sales Performance

Find out how HubSpot uses video to book 4x meetings and retain 94% of customers.

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HubSpot employees discuss the organization's strategy around using video for sales and internal comms
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Global Software Company Drives Quality Leads and 6.6x ROI with Video
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The State of Video in Remote Work: Demand Metric Report
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Enterprise Video Designed for Telecom Sales

Vidyard is built with business in mind. Our video creation and hosting platform includes powerful features that help you make the most of video.

  • Advanced video analytics to track exactly who’s watching and for how long, as well as how your video campaigns drive ROI
  • Protect your videos with security features that restrict access to just your customers
  • Custom onboarding and a dedicated Account Manager help make the most of your video investment
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The software is extremely easy to use, very user friendly. My sales team started using free individual accounts and were up and running in minutes. After a couple months of success booking new sales meetings using videos we decided it was time to purchase the paid team version for the integration to Salesforce and team metrics tracking. The onboarding and implementation experience was one of the best I've been through. They know exactly what they're doing, they care about what they're doing and provided best practices along the way.
The integrations, the player features, the customer service are all unparalleled. What I like most is the types of data that can be extracted from their platform and how it interacts with other CRM systems. It's the first, and most user friendly, video hosting platform that has been able to draw a straight line from video to revenue.
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