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Access on-demand sessions from our free virtual event to learn how to better leverage video across your business. New to video? We’ve got presentations for you on how to create great video content. Watch these sessions to learn from amazing industry leaders, get actionable tips and tricks for video production, and leave with high-quality tactics to fuel your video strategy for 2019 and beyond!

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Glenn Hughes, Nathan Isaacs, Shannon Vaughan & Marcy Dobozy, Gordian, Act-On, Aquent at Rockwell Automation & Vidyard

Join a diverse group of B2B marketing leaders to learn how they're embracing video at scale, what types of videos they're using across different channels and stages of the buyer's journey, and how they're using interactive and personalized video experiences to boost engagement and elevate their brand with customers.

George B Thomas, Impulse Creative

In this talk, you will learn the steps to create a friction-free video marketing culture for your business. George B Thomas will talk about the "why" of a video culture in today's digital landscape as well as provide actionable tactics to help implement that culture for your own company.

Paulo Martins, Marketo

Join Paulo Martins, Head of Global Digital Marketing at Marketo, to see exactly how his team uses targeted video content across their digital properties and nurture programs to produce more educated leads and to faster deal cycles.

Tyler Lessard, Vidyard

Join us as we unveil winners of the 2018 Video in Business Awards and discover their secrets to success to learn new practical ideas for how to use video more effectively whether you're a small business just getting started or a large enterprise looking to mix things up.

Hannah Cameron and Mat King, Vidyard

The conversation around video production can be paralyzing for many organizations who sometimes think video is too expensive, overwhelming, and hard to get started. This doesn’t need to be the case.

This session is going to bust the myth that video is difficult and expensive. Not only is creating a killer video strategy within your reach (even on a shoestring budget), but so is producing quality content that your audience loves.

Chad Lakin, Shootsta

Everyone knows video content is a must for modern brands. What everyone doesn’t know, is how to do it and not blow a Hollywood-level film budget. However, the answer to robust, scalable always-on video is more accessible and cost-effective than you’d think. In this session you’ll learn how brands like Qantas, Blue Cross Blue Shield and HarperCollins create scalable content – from planning, to shooting, to editing – cost-effectively, and without compromising on quality, for video success.

Renee Teeley, Powtoon

Content marketing is an approach to creating valuable relevant content on a consistent basis. It’s one of the best ways to reach a new audience and keep existing customers. But content marketing means more than just a blog strategy and a few white papers. Video can be an incredibly effective part of a content marketing program. In this session, I’ll walk you through specific tactics for how to incorporate video into your content marketing.

David Lewis, Demand Gen

One of the most important skills to master in life is your ability to communicate. Some of earliest forms of communication began as illustrated stories on the walls of caves to teach others how to survive and prosper. Fast forward 40,000 years and we now know that engagement through storytelling is rooted in our biology. Breakthroughs in neuroscience have helped us understand how the brain works and how you can use the power of storytelling to influence your audiences like never before, especially when creating video content. In this session you’ll learn powerful frameworks for crafting your stories along with neuromarketing techniques that you should incorporate into every sales and marketing initiative to engage your audiences like never before.

Dave Gerhardt , Drift

Marketing and sales today is all about being where your potential customers are and giving them engaging, authentic experiences with your brand. And right now, buyers are consumed with video. It’s predicted that by 2021, video traffic will account for 82% of all internet traffic. Plus, the best brands today are real and authentic. And there’s no realer way to show you’re a real person than video. In this session I'll walk through what it takes to not only make video at the forefront of your marketing but also how to get your ENTIRE company using video (...even your teammates that resist video the most).

Amanda Nielsen & Guido Bartolacci, New Breed Marketing

Let’s cut to the chase; everyone knows that video is critical to any successful marketing strategy. Now, it’s a matter of tailoring your video content to provide value at every stage of the buyer’s journey: all the way from lead creation, to closed-won, through customer retention and upselling. Fortunately, video is a versatile medium that can be adapted to delight and evangelize viewers, no matter their position in the customer lifecycle. Attend this session to learn how your company can evolve its video strategy to increase ROI, enhance the lifetime value of its customers, and drive long-term revenue growth through the power of video.

Brandi Smith, Heidi Vandermeer & Lindsay Snider, Uberflip & Vidyard

Vidyard has recently been turning up the heat with their personalized content experiences for all their target accounts—and it’s been driving their sales opportunities.

So Uberflip is putting them on the hot seat. How is an online video platform company like Vidyard leveraging the power of video content in their personalized outreach and ABM campaigns? They’ll be answering some burning questions on sales and marketing alignment, adding video to your custom account destinations, and scaling these experiences for your one-to-one programs without spending additional dollars or getting burned.

John Follett, Demand Metric

"In September 2018, Demand Metric partnered with Vidyard to better understand how video is being used, how it is being measured, and what impact it is having. Join John Follet as he shares findings from the 5th Annual Video Content Marketing Survey and compares the state of video marketing in 2018 to our previous studies.

In this session, you will learn:

• Where video is being used effectively and who is creating it
• Why you need to integrate video viewing data with your tech stack
• Which features & functionality drive satisfaction with video marketing
• What mix of internal and external resources is right for your business

For the fifth consecutive year, over 80 percent of study participants report that the video is becoming more important as a form of marketing content. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to take your video marketing efforts to the next level of effectiveness!"

Charm Bianchini, Engagio

The automation and scale of marketing technologies these days can make it challenging to add the human touch into most B2B marketing strategies. Luckily with video, things are different! Attend this webinar to learn how to leverage video to infuse human interactions into the customer journey and authentically connect with your buyers.

Watch to learn how to:

- Create human engagement to your programs and still scale
- Connect with your buyers with authentic interactions
- Add human touchpoints throughout your marketing campaigns with video

Marcus Andrews, HubSpot

Most of us already know that video has very quickly become the most compelling content format, but many companies still struggle with how to harness the power of video.

In this session, we’ll take a step back to look at where the video landscape is today, how we got here, and most importantly: how companies can start building powerful, modern video marketing and sales strategies.

Jamie Shanks & Adam King, SalesforLife & Vidyard

If you haven't added video to your selling cadence then it's time to start! Join this session to get inspired with specific video use-cases you can use throughout the sales cycle from prospecting and beyond.

Michelle Benfer, HubSpot

If you’re looking for new ways to connect with prospects, investing in video as a sales tactic is a smart move -- but it's also a move that’s riddled with misconceptions. In this session, you’ll learn how to overcome some of the common mistakes associated with using video as a sales tactics. (We know because we’ve made them.)

Zach Basner and Myriah Anderson, IMPACT

In this session, we’ll pull back the curtain on the best practices and strategies you need to know to leverage video in your sales efforts, and share how we’ve seen success at IMPACT by using video in our sales process. You’ll leave knowing what works and what doesn’t, empowering you to increase your “closed won” rate and shorten your sales

Trish Bertuzzi, Max Altschuler, Peter Kazanjy & Shikha Bindra,

"We all know that "getting to engagement" is now the hardest part of the sales process. Join us for an interactive discussion on how our buyers really want to hear from us.

Doug Davidoff, Imagine LLC

There's no question that the use of video has exploded in sales & marketing, but are you using it as fully and effectively as you could? In this action-oriented session, Doug will share how companies are using video in less obvious ways, to improve engagement, shorten the sales cycle and enhance the overall client experience (while simultaneously increasing capacity and lowering costs). He'll address the biggest barriers that cause video initiatives to fail like making it easy for your people to use video and gaining adoption, to make your customer acquisition and success teams a "video culture." He'll finish with a section he calls Video Moneyball highlighting key metrics to use to assess and enhance the effectiveness of your video efforts.

Kevin O'Malley & Roi Ceren , Salesloft

The use of video in communication is more popular (and easier) than ever before. But does video increase the performance of sales emails? Does it impact the open or reply rates? Spoiler Alert, it does and we will show why!

Our data science team examined the effects of sales email personalization, revealing powerful insights on how much, where, and, in another post, the length of time sellers should be modifying email content to get the most opens and replies. Regardless if you are new to video or trying to improve your video results, this will give you the next best action to take using video!

Gabe Larsen,

"Every sales rep needs to build pipeline but not every sales rep knows how to build pipeline. InsideSales Labs the research arm of looked at millions of activities to figure out what the best way to approach prospects with a sales cadence. The research revealed four key elements every rep needs to master to contact prospects and ultimately build pipeline.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

- What is a sales cadence
- What methods, including video, are must have’s to win in prospecting
- Best practice prospecting strategies to help you crush your quota"

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George B Thomas

Inbound Evangelist Impulse Creative @GeorgeBThomas

Trish Bertuzzi

President & Chief Strategist The Bridge Group @BridgeGroupInc

Adam King

Senior Director, Sales Vidyard @AdamKinger75

Amanda Nielsen

Internal Marketer New Breed Marketing @amanda_nielsen

Brandi Smith

VP Marketing, Demand Generation Uberflip @brandismith01

Chad Lakin

VP, North America Shootsta @ShootstaVideos

Charm Bianchini

Head of Global Demand Engagio @charmbianchini

Dave Gerhardt

VP of Marketing Drift @davegerhardt

David Lewis

CEO Demand Gen @demandgen

Doug Davidoff

Founder & CEO Imagine LLC @dougdavidoff

Gabe Larsen

VP of Growth @GabeLarsen

Glenn Hughes

Video Producer Gordian @gehughesvideo

Guido Bartolacci

Manager of Acquisition and Strategy New Breed Marketing @GBartolacci

Hannah Cameron

Content Marketing Manager Vidyard @H_Cameron

Heidi Vandermeer

Account Based Marketing Manager Uberflip @heidivandermeer

Jamie Shanks

CEO SalesforLife @jamietshanks

John Follett

COO Demand Metric @DemandMetric

Kevin O'Malley

VP Marketing Salesloft @b2bkevin

Lindsay Snider

Marketing Program Manager Vidyard @Vidyard

Marcus Andrews

Principal Product Marketing Manager HubSpot @Marcus_Andrews

Marcy Dobozy

VP Marketing Vidyard @Vidyard

Mat King

Video Production Manager Vidyard @Vidyard

Max Altschuler

Vice President, Marketing Outreach @HackItMax

Michelle Benfer

VP of Sales HubSpot @HubSpot

Myriah Anderson

Client Success Specialist IMPACT @Impactbnd

Nathan Isaacs

Senior Content Strategist Act-On @isaacsnd

Paulo Martins

Head of Global Digital Marketing Marketo @Marketo

Peter Kazanjy

Founder Atrium & Modern Sales @Kazanjy

Renee Teeley

Chief Evangelist Powtoon @rteeley

Roi Ceren

Lead Data Scientist Salesloft @ksamim

Shannon Vaughan

Marketing Technologist Aquent at Rockwell Automation @Shannonvaughan

Shikha Bindra

Manager, Business Development Vidyard @BindraShikha

Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing Vidyard @TylerLessard

Zach Basner

Video Marketing Speaker & Consultant IMPACT @Impactbnd


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