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Vidyard + Alyce Integration

Add personalized Vidyard videos directly into your personal gift message to prospects with Vidyard's Alyce integration. Add an extra personal touch to your corporate gifting strategy to boost gift acceptance and response rates.

Alyce Overview

Alyce is a Personal Experience Platform that helps sales and marketing teams learn how to create meaningful connections with their prospects, customers, and partners through corporate one-to-one gifts.

Alyce Integration Key Features

  • Increase gift acceptance by including a personalized video
  • Build trust by recording a webcam video to introduce yourself or a screen capture video about the gift—or upload a pre-made video directly into Alyce
  • Add a video to your gift acceptance page to drive even greater conversion

Get Started

  • Select “Add a Vidyard video” during Alyce’s gift-sending workflow to create or upload a video
  • Make sure that embedding is enabled in your Vidyard account—up to five embeds are included in Free accounts, with more available in paid packages
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