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Vidyard + Outlook Integration

Boost your email response rates by adding personalized videos to your messages. Vidyard for Outlook lets you create and share videos with prospects and customers right from Outlook.
An example of an Outlook email inbox, showing an email example with an embedded Vidyard video

Outlook Overview

Install the Vidyard add-in for Microsoft Outlook to unlock the full potential of video in your email communications. Choose an existing video from your Vidyard library, or create a new one to engage your prospects, customers, and other recipients.

Outlook Integration Key Features

  • Create, access, and share videos from your Vidyard library right in Outlook
  • Access your team’s shared library of marketing videos, demos, and more
  • Build and send playlists to curate relevant content for your recipient

Get Started

  • Create a free Vidyard account and download the add-in for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Once you install the add-in, you can record and send a video from Outlook 2013 or later for Windows, Outlook on Mac, or Outlook 365.
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