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Vidyard + Pipedrive Integration

Push data on your prospects’ engagement with your sales videos into Pipeline’s CRM platform. Get real-time insights inside your contact records. The result: Follow up with hot leads right on cue.
A screenshot of the Pipedrive interface with a Vidyard Camera+Bubble overlay featuring a smiling salesperson.

Pipedrive Overview

Pipedrive’s CRM platform gives you a view into your sales funnel, helping you schedule activities, keep deals on track, and analyze sales performance in order to grow your pipeline.

Pipedrive Integration Key Features

  • Gain visibility into prospects’ video engagement to quickly identify hot leads
  • Get real-time updates to a contact’s activity record for timely follow-up
  • Automatically trigger actions based on engagement

Get Started

  • Your user in Pipedrive must be a Global Admin
  • Your user must have access to the top-level parent folder in Vidyard
  • Your user must belong to a team in Vidyard with permission to Edit Integrations
Before you can connect Vidyard to Pipedrive, you must have a Vidyard Business Plan package and create a custom activity in Pipedrive. This integration is an account-wide feature that applies to all users and videos in your Vidyard workspace. To set up the integration, make sure to navigate to the top-level parent folder.
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