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Communicate with Video

Salesforce Chatter is revolutionizing the way we interact and share information across workgroups, communities and organizations. Vidyard helps you make the most of Chatter by incorporating video into conversations across the enterprise.


Securely upload, manage, and share your videos directly in Chatter.


Play video content in-line right within the Chatter Feed.


Enable your teams to work collaboratively and share relevant videos.


Track viewing history to know who has watched which video content.

Sales Enablement

  • Collaborate with coworkers and share relevant videos to nurture sales opportunities
  • Share videos directly with a prospect without ever leaving Chatter
  • Access a lead's viewing history and see exactly which videos they have watched
  • Be notified within Chatter as soon as a hot prospect finishes watching a shared video

Internal Training

  • Share training videos with an employee, targeted groups, or the entire organization
  • Get complete visibility into who is watching your training content
  • Trigger automated workflows based on training milestones and completion rates
  • See percentages of a video that each employee watches

Corporate Comms

  • Distribute internal town halls, executive briefings or other video-based communications directly through Chatter for company-wide, secure messaging
  • Allow only authorized employees to view content
  • Track attention span per employee to ensure your message is being received

Other Salesforce Integrations.

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