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Video for Salesloft

Create a connection with your prospects by adding videos to your Salesloft cadences with Vidyard. Easily record personal video messages and get notified when they’re watched so you know who to follow up with first. Watch your response and close rates soar!

Key Features

  • Quickly record custom video messages that help humanize the sales process and build rapport and trust.
  • Adding highly engaging videos to your email cadences in SalesLoft helps your emails stand out, boosts click-through rates, and sends response rates soaring!
  • Understand who’s watching what by tracking which videos each prospect viewed, down to the second, so you can reach out at the right time with the perfect message.

Get Started Easily

  • Have your Salesloft admin enable the Vidyard integration from the Settings Integrations tab.
  • Open your email message, click the Integrations icon on the email compose window toolbar, and select Vidyard.
  • Record your video and send the email with your personal video message embedded.
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