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Vidyard + Zoom Integration

The Vidyard for Zoom integration lets you automatically upload any meeting or webinar recording to Vidyard’s secure hosting platform—without worrying about storage limits.
An example of the Zoom integration for Vidyard

Zoom Overview

With the Vidyard integration for Zoom, you can store unlimited Zoom recordings in Vidyard. Meetings and webinars are automatically uploaded from Zoom to Vidyard, where you can edit and securely share these videos.

Zoom Integration Key Features

  • Host and manage unlimited Zoom recordings in your Vidyard library
  • Add chapters or edit recordings to create shorter, more digestible videos
  • Secure your videos with a password, IP whitelist, or SSO to control who’s able to watch
  • See video analytics about your recordings to know who’s watched, and for how long

Get Started

  • Set up the Zoom integration for your Vidyard account
  • Enable Cloud Recording on your paid Zoom account
  • Record a meeting to cloud. When it's done, the recording appears in your Vidyard library
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