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Vidyard for Marketing

Videos that click

Getting your customer to press play is half the battle. Finish the fight with Vidyard, and start turning those clicks into customers.

Drive Results

Generate demand

Transform your videos into lead generation machines. Create more sales-ready opportunities with all the tools you need to engage, qualify and convert your prospects.

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Convert Faster

Turn viewers into customers

Accelerate the buyer’s journey and discover your most engaged leads. Convert them faster with interactive video and viewer analytics that turn viewers into customers.

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Increase Engagement

Personalize and optimize

Cut through the noise and get the attention you deserve. Boost engagement by 2-5x with personalized video, split testing and content optimized to drive results.

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Do What Works

Understand performance

Discover how each video impacts revenue and how they perform across your website, YouTube, Facebook and more – all from one central dashboard.

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  • Discover how to turn viewers into leads
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