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Whether you need help transitioning to virtual sales, implementing Vidyard or simply need a great video produced, our global network of trusted partners are here to help you reach your goals.

"What got you here won't get you there". Create humanized connections through video.

Incorporating video in your outbound prospecting is essential, but are you leveraging video in other areas of the sales process? With your buyers now online, how can you decrease your sales cycle and increase your reach?

We support your team by evaluating your sales process, ensuring it is reflective of our new remote environment. From there, we create a playbook that supports the buyers journey and provides a frictionless experience from top of funnel to close, using both synchronous and asynchronous video.

We analyze your target audience, buyer persona, they may have changed, your messaging, is it specific, timely and relevant to get their attention?
We support you along the entire sales journey to ensure your video efforts are attracting, engaging and converting your ideal customers.

Service Offerings:
.Most training companies start at the behaviour level and deliver content and activities to achieve the desired outcome. We take it back a step and look at what is contributing to the behaviour. What is your belief system, mindset?
Also what does your sales process look like?
This background provides us the clarity required to impact on a deeper and more sustainable level.

From there we build out a custom sales training program derived from your sales process. In essence, your playbook with activities + commitments required to move your buyer along the journey in a collaborative and frictionless way. The various modules that make up the playbook are:

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How to leverage video in your sales process

Our programs for both sales reps and sales leaders are delivered in person, virtual live and self directed learning (coming soon).

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