Video Analytics

Video analytics go beyond simple view counts to help you discover how each video is performing, so you can continuously strengthen content. Identify which videos are driving the most views, the highest engagement, and the best click-through rates. Track viewer attention span, drop-off rates, and the viewing habits of your viewers. You can even filter by player, embed location, and geography.

Viewer Analytics

Vidyard gives you the power to capture viewing data at an individual level. See how long each contact is watching, what they re-watch and what they skip. You’ll know exactly how much each person is engaged with your video content. You can also get a report on these analytics to help you identify the most engaged viewers.

Contact Center

Go beyond the analytics of each video, and build a complete viewing history of each viewer. You’ll gain a more complete understanding of what they’re interested in. If you don’t know who each viewer is yet, a profile will be established for anonymous viewers until they are identified. You can run reports on these analytics as well.

Switchboard Reporting

No more waiting around or wondering if it’s okay to reach out. Switchboard sends an alert when a video is watched. The accompanying analytics show how long they stayed engaged, and, if you want to learn more about the contact, dive even deeper with heat maps to discover which parts they were most interested in.

MAP Integrations

All viewer data, including what viewers are watching, and when, can be pushed into your marketing automation platform and existing contact records, so you can make sure your marketing actions are based on smarter intelligence.

CRM Integrations

Sales teams can gain access to the insights they need to drive real success, all within the tools that are already enabling the business. Vidyard’s CRM integration pushes the data on your prospects’ digital behavior, including what viewers are watching, and when, right into Salesforce.