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July 18, 2016

Frost & Sullivan Honors Vidyard with Customer Value Leadership Award

KITCHENER, Ontario – July 19, 2016 –Vidyard, the video intelligence platform for business, today announced that Frost & Sullivan awarded the company its 2016 North American Customer Value Leadership Award for the video analytics market.

Frost & Sullivan recognized Vidyard for its video marketing and analytics technology strength, its ability to help customers gain insight and intelligence on its videos and viewers, and its innovative approach to customer success and customer experience.

“To achieve leadership in customer value is never an easy task, but it is one made even more difficult due to today’s competitive intensity, customer volatility, and economic uncertainty—not to mention the difficulty of innovating in an environment of escalating challenges to intellectual property,” said David Frigstad, Chairman of Frost & Sullivan. “Within this context, the receipt of this award signifies an even greater accomplishment by the team at Vidyard.”

Frost & Sullivan credited Vidyard for success in several areas:

  • Transforming viewers into customers: Vidyard goes beyond basic video analytics to generate unique insights on each viewer and help businesses qualify more leads and convert more opportunities. Vidyard’s personalized video solution helps marketers boost engagement and conversion rates through the power of one-to-one content personalization. And through its integrations with marketing automation and CRM, Vidyard helps businesses understand the true ROI of each video asset. “With Vidyard, companies can combine sales and marketing power into their videos for better customer engagement and ROI,” said the report.
  • Valuing privacy: Vidyard works with existing CRM and marketing automation solutions and follows their privacy standards. Vidyard connects viewership back to the identity in the central marketing and sales systems to ensure clients can leverage video engagement data while adhering to existing corporate security standards.
  • Meeting customers’ needs: Vidyard pays close attention to how its customers use its products and how those applications evolve, and the company then uses that knowledge as a source of inspiration for innovation. Vidyard recently recognized the growing trend of live streaming and updated its system to provide analytics for streaming important occasions and events.
  • Customer experience: Vidyard showcases its solution as an investment that generates business value beyond just being a video hosting solution. Vidyard presents analytics to operations teams, sales teams, and marketing experts to show them the value for a variety of functions. It uses customer testimonials and its impressive list of partners to deliver a stronger overall experience for its customers. “Vidyard also has demonstrated analytics knowledge that prove sales and marketing strategies’ ROI.”
  • Financial performance: Vidyard is a B2B expert and stays involved with its partners, customers, and surrounding community. It extends great customer value and remains transparent to them by providing unlimited connection and support. Meanwhile, Vidyard has experienced a 300-percent growth in revenue year over year and maintains two offices in North America with more than 120 employees.

In the award report, Frost & Sullivan noted that online video consumption has exploded over the last few years and predicted the online video analytics market will grow to $427 million in 2020 as content providers and marketers seek greater understanding of their viewers so they can improve marketing and sales strategies. While the online video analytics market is maturing, Frost & Sullivan reported users still struggle to understand the benefits of measurement or rely on surface-level analytics that do not provide real insight.

“Online video is changing the business landscape as much or more than any other technology trend of the last few years,” said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard. “We are thrilled that Frost & Sullivan recognized Vidyard as the video platform that best helps companies take advantage of video to drive real results for their businesses.”

Having led the video marketing platform industry, Vidyard now focuses on expanding the power of video beyond the walls of marketing departments. Customers now use Vidyard within sales, support, corporate communications, and customer success teams to drive greater audience engagement and track the true impact of each video asset. Vidyard’s customer base includes global leaders such as Honeywell, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Cision, Citibank, MongoDB, Sharp, and 27 of the top 100 global software companies.

About Vidyard
Vidyard (Twitter: @Vidyard) is the video intelligence platform that helps businesses drive more revenue through the use of online video. Going beyond video hosting and management, Vidyard helps businesses drive greater engagement in their video content, track the viewing activities of each individual viewer, and turn those views into action. Global leaders such as Honeywell, McKesson, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Cision, Citibank, MongoDB and Sharp rely on Vidyard to power their video content strategies and turn viewers into customers.

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Sandy Pell

Sandy Pell

Sandy Pell is the Head of Corporate Communications at Vidyard. She's been named as one of Canada’s PR Top 30 Under 30 by PR in Canada, and one of the Top 20 Tech Women in Canada by the C100. When she isn't crafting exceptional communications, you'll find her transforming blank spaces into remarkable places as a commercial mural artist!