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May 12, 2015

Vidyard and SnapApp Partner to Bring the Power of Interactive Video to B2B Marketers

Nashville, TN – Sirius Decisions Summit – May 12, 2015 – Vidyard, a global leader in video marketing and video analytics solutions, and SnapApp, the leading platform for creating interactive content experiences, today announced a new partnership to combine the power of video with interactive content. Now marketers can easily create, publish and measure interactive videos to drive higher audience engagement and convert more leads into deals.

The integration enables marketers to weave interactive experiences such as assessments, calculators, quizzes, polls, surveys and contests into their video content. Through interactive video, marketers can create a two-way conversation with their audiences and drive deeper engagement in their content experiences.

“We have already seen that video is the best way for B2B brands to engage with their audiences throughout all stages of the buying journey,” said Michael Litt, CEO of Vidyard. “Through our partnership with SnapApp, marketers can build on that success by creating interactive experiences that draw audiences even deeper into their content while offering new ways to gather customer insights. It’s the perfect combination.”

Here’s how it works: Throughout a video, periodic content and questions appear asking the viewer to participate. Marketers can customize the experience to drive greater viewer engagement, gather further information about their interests, or to test them on the content they’ve already viewed. They may want to ask a question to learn more about the problem their viewer is trying to solve or gauge her interest in what she’s seen so far.

Not only does this type of interaction help keep the viewer engaged throughout the whole video, it provides the marketer with additional information about the viewer so future interactions can be customized accordingly. For example, the marketer can offer a particular call-to-action at the end of the video based on the viewer’s in-video responses, giving the viewer a more relevant and personalized experience.

“Interactivity turns the typical one-way marketing monologue into a real dialogue with our prospects that adds value for everyone,” said Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp. “Marketers learn more about the pains, interests, and preferences of their audience, and prospects get more personalized, relevant content as a result. Video has always been an incredibly powerful medium – now marketers can add even more value by infusing their videos with interactive content.”

“Video is more than something we can watch, leaning back in our chairs,” added Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and co-author of the seminal content marketing tome Content Rules. “It’s also increasingly something we can interact with – leaning forward, and engaged. This new offering from SnapApp is a cool example of what I mean.”

As with Vidyard’s second-by-second viewing data, information on audience participation in SnapApp interactive content feeds into leading marketing automation platforms including Marketo, Oracle | Eloqua, Hubspot, Act-On and Pardot. Marketing and sales teams can now track how each prospect is engaging with their video content while using those same assets to generate richer customer insights.

To see how video and SnapApp interactive content combine to create a powerful marketing tool, check out the Vidyard blog featuring a sample interactive video with SnapApp integration.

Learn how interactive video leads to real marketing results and how your organization can get started at our joint webinar on June 24. Register here: /webinar-more-qualified-leads-with-interactive-video/

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SnapApp (Twitter: @Snap_App) is an interactive content creation platform that enables marketers to boost results by 2-3x across all their existing marketing programs. SnapApp empowers marketers to create, deploy, manage, and measure a wide range of interactive content across multiple channels, with full customization and design control to ensure content looks great on any device. Rather than one more thing to do, SnapApp lets you do more with what you already have – and get better results. SnapApp customers include Oracle, Atmel, Random House, and EMC among others. For more information, visit



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