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Video for Remote Sales Training Kit

Help Your Remote Sales Team Shine

Struggling to take sales to the next level with video (or even just get started with video in the first place)? That’s why we created the Video for Remote Sales Training Kit. Use it to educate and inspire your sales team at your next training session or Sales Kick Off (SKO).

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The kit includes:
  • A two-minute introduction video to get your team PUMPED about selling with video. Share it at the start of your sales kick-off meeting, or following launch, onboarding, or training sessions.
  • Four learning modules on best practices for selling with video, including tips on video presentation, recording, and follow-up. You’ll learn about:
    • How to be amazing on camera and transform the way you sell with video
    • Mastering the art and science of prospecting with personalized video
    • Using video throughout your sales process to close more deals, faster
    • How to record, share, and track custom videos with ease
  • Additional resources and exercises your team can start using today to enhance their video selling skills, including our Video Selling Master Class, sales scripts and templates, a handy script timer, inspiring sales video examples, and group exercises to reinforce ideas and get your team off to a running start.

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Looking for an Expert to Train
Your Team Live?

Renowned keynote speaker, Tyler Lessard, is ready to pump up your sales team. He’s co-author of The Visual Sale, Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard, and one of the leading voices on virtual selling.

Choose the topics you’re most interested in from our Video for Remote Sales Training Kit and have Tyler present live at your upcoming SKO or sales team training. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to get your team focused and enthusiastic about selling with video.
Best of all: It’s FREE for Vidyard customers.

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