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Your Video for Remote Sales Training Kit

Thanks for your interest in our Video for Remote Sales Training Kit. We’re thrilled to support you in getting your team excited about embracing video as part of your sales strategy. Check out the listing of resources below to download.

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15-20 mins
How to be amazing on camera and transform the way you sell with video
  • Basic strategy for how to use video in modern B2B sales
  • How to set up the perfect video capture space
  • How to be amazing on camera for both synchronous and asynchronous video
  • How to look and sound your best in recorded video messages
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15-20 mins
Mastering the art and science of prospecting with personalized video
  • Using personalized videos for outbound sales prospecting: what, why, and how
  • Best practices for adding videos into your sales cadence
  • The art of crafting the perfect prospecting video email
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15-20 mins
Using video throughout your sales process to close more deals, faster
  • The low-down on using video throughout the typical B2B sales process
  • The best-performing video types and how to create/use them at scale
  • Tips for rolling video out across your entire sales team
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15-20 mins
Let’s Talk Tech: How to record, share and track custom videos with ease
  • How to download Vidyard’s Chrome extension to quickly and easily videos
  • How to create and edit attention-grabbing videos
  • How to share videos by email, and more
  • How to review video view data
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Introduction Video

Looking for a way to hype up your sales team for 2021? Watch our quick 2-minute video to get your team excited about using video!

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Vidyard’s Top Sales Resources

We’ve pulled together our other top resources for your team, including our Video Selling Master Class, sample scripts and templates, a handy script timer, and inspiring sales video examples.

Video Selling Master Class
Sample Scripts and Templates
Script Timer
Inspiration Hub
Guide to Crushing Video for Sales
Sales Managers Pocket Guide to Video Enablement
Group Exercises
The “Introduction to Video for Remote Sales” Hype Video
Bonus: An Exclusive Guest Speaker Opportunity

Have Tyler Lessard, Vidyard’s VP of Marketing, join you LIVE at your SKO or upcoming sales meeting to get your sales team pumped up about selling with video. It’s FREE for Vidyard customers!

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