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High-Production Prospecting Template

This high-production prospecting template is a great example of getting personal with video. The result is a professional and fun video catered uniquely to your prospective customer.
Got the video production skills of a pro? Then put it to use for unique prospecting videos that’ll be sure to book a meeting. You need a few things to create high-production prospecting videos, including your creative thinking cap, the solution you want to propose, a video plan, the equipment to film it, and video editing skills to bring everything together.

What is High-Production Prospecting?

A high-production prospecting video is typical prospecting but turned up a notch. This means you're still trying to pitch your solution and convince them to book a meeting with you, but the quality and video production is on a professional level.

With high-production prospecting, it’ll require higher-end video recording equipment. The video recording equipment is what draws the line between low and high production videos. So when your video and audio is higher quality, prospects will likely think to themselves, “wow this is some serious business!’, and in no time, you’ll be getting an email to book that meeting.

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How to Use the High-Production Prospecting Template

When using the high-production prospecting template, it’s always recommended to do a bit of research and planning first.

Start by researching information on your prospect including what their challenges are. From there, you can figure out how your product or service can be the solution for them. Then, put on your creative thinking cap and start brainstorming video ideas around how you can present your solution in a unique manner to your prospect. Keep in mind resources, equipment, time, as well as your budget.

Next, put your plans and ideas into a video storyboard so you know what, where, who, and how you’ll be shooting your video. When you’re ready, it’s time to start filming.

Once you’re done with shooting, put those expert video editing skills to work and bring your prospecting video to life. The next big thing would be to send off the video and hope that your prospect is highly impressed by your high-production personalized video.

When to Use the High-Production Prospecting Template

The high-production template will be sure to make a great first impression on any prospect (as long as you do the proper research and planning).

But it’s important to remember that because it’s higher production, you must consider the time, resources, and efforts when making this type of prospecting video. Because of this, you may consider using this template mainly in the early stages of prospecting to book a meeting for the highest-level accounts you're targeting. This type of template may also be a good opportunity to bring in your marketing department to help out with and use in account-based marketing programs.