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LinkedIn Profile Prospecting Template

How do you approach someone to sell on LinkedIn? Using your prospect’s LinkedIn profile as the background for a sales prospecting video is a great way to grab their attention.
Use this video template

If you’re looking for a LinkedIn cold outreach message idea to increase your response rates, try sending a video message where your prospect is the center of attention. This personalized prospecting video helps show that you’ve done your research, understand your prospect’s role and responsibilities, and tailor your message to them!

What Is LinkedIn Profile Prospecting?

Using LinkedIn for prospecting can be an absolute game-changer. LinkedIn profiles contain a wealth of information and can be used to quickly and easily discover and identify talking points about potential prospects. The social media platform has helped facilitate amazing opportunities for professional development, networking, job searching, and (of course) outbound sales prospecting.

With LinkedIn, you can quickly and easily identify potential leads and reach out to them with the help of LinkedIn InMail and tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The opportunity to research your prospects and connect with them directly on LinkedIn is an extremely valuable tool in any seller’s toolbox. The power of a tool like Vidyard Video Messages helps take this further with features built to help you make better online connections.

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How to Use the LinkedIn Profile Prospecting Template

The best LinkedIn prospecting messages are those that are personalized. And what better way to personalize a message than with a custom-recorded video? This is a great sales video template to follow for prospecting on LinkedIn. Simply use the Screen + Cam recording option in Vidyard’s browser extension feature to record your introduction video using a prospect’s profile as your background.

This visual “hack” helps grab your prospect’s attention by relying on some of our hard-wired biases towards self-awareness. The reaction that takes place in our brains upon seeing or hearing our own name, dubbed the “Cocktail Party Effect,” is a great example of one of these biases. In the same sense, using someone’s LinkedIn profile in your video helps draw attention to your message with something they’re very aware of—their own photo and name.

When to use the LinkedIn profile prospecting template

TLinkedIn profile prospecting scripts are fantastic video messages to use any time you’re prospecting but are super powerful when you’re on the LinkedIn grind. With Vidyard’s Chrome extension, you can record and send videos directly through LinkedIn Messaging, reducing the need to navigate from one tool to another.

From a content perspective, it’s a great way to grab a prospect’s attention by relying on some fundamental aspects of human behavior. Grab the LinkedIn video script message and sales email copy below if you're looking for LinkedIn prospecting message examples.

LinkedIn Profile Prospecting Video Script


Hi {prospect’s name},

I can see from your LinkedIn profile that you’re responsible for {prospect’s role} at {prospect’s company}.


I’m reaching out because I’m working with several other {prospect’s roles} who are having a hard time with {the problem that your company helps solve}.

I’m helping them {mention 1-2 ways your company provides value to similar companies as the prospect}.


If you’re having a similar challenge, please {watch the video or read the case study} that I’ve linked in my email. It’s the {mention customer’s name in the testimonial} that will explain how they used {your product/service name} to {mention the problem you are trying to solve}.


Please feel free to book some time with me at the end of this video. My calendar will pop up if you’re interested to learn more. {Be sure to add a CTA to your calendar app at the end of your video.}

Thank You:

Until then, thanks for watching. Take care, and enjoy the rest of your day. Bye for now.

LinkedIn Profile Prospecting Video Script Email Copy

Subject Line:

{Name}, I saw this on your LinkedIn profile…

Relevant Introduction:

Hi {prospect’s name},

Desired Outcome:

I happened upon your LinkedIn profile and wanted to share this {insert time} video I made for you:

{insert or copy your video thumbnail and link and add to the email}

{Relevant customer reference name} is using our solution with impactful results and wanted to share their story with you {add a link to a video or written testimonial/case study}.

Call to Action:

Could we grab {time request} to chat further about how {your solution} could help your team?

{add a link to your calendar app}