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Pre-Meeting Touchpoint Template

Don’t get ghosted! Use this template to connect with prospects before a meeting, set expectations, build excitement, and most of all…avoid getting ghosted by a no-show.
Use this video template
It’s common these days for sales development organizations to suffer from meeting no-shows. It’s a tremendous waste of time and eats away at productivity. You can minimize no-show rates by sending video reminders where you reiterate why the prospect was initially interested and what they stand to gain. Because you’re putting in more effort than just a faceless “Are we still on for today?” email, recipients will feel accountable, encouraging them to either show up or reschedule.

What Is a Pre-Meeting Touchpoint?

A pre-meeting touchpoint is a gentle reminder for your prospects about an upcoming meeting. It’s light touch, short, and to the point.

We know that prospects are busy. Things come up, calendars get booked, and the appetitie for that sales discovery call they agreed to weeks ago goes sour. A pre-meeting touchpoint is a simple way to re-engage with a prospect and generate excitement for the conversation.

We always recommend making your videos relevant and personalized to your prospect. Don’t just send a “Hey, we have a meeting tomorrow. See you there!” video. Blah. Provide value upfront by letting your prospect know what you’ll be chatting about and give them a reason to care.

This is also an awesome opportunity to show your prospect how vital they are to this process. You quite literally can’t do this without them, and value their participation and attendance.

These types of touchpoints are so valuable when it comes to building a strong relationship with a prospect or customer. They show you value their time, and respect that things can come up that could potentially distract them and keep them from making the meeting. This gentle re-invitation tactic not only reminds them of your meeting, but gives them the opportunity to reschedule if needed.

How to Use the Pre-Meeting Touchpoint Template

This is a super simple video to make. A webcam is perfect for this pre-meeting touchpoint template, and a simple prop like a whiteboard can help make this more exciting. As we saw in the video example above, a whiteboard is a great way to highlight exactly what your video is about, increasing the likelihood of your prospect clicking through to watch your video.

If you don’t have a whiteboard handy, Screen + Cam recording can achieve the same results. Open Google Docs or a Word document and simply type your prospect’s name and meeting time on the screen behind you. Display that as the background for your video to instantly grab their attention.

When to Use the Pre-Meeting Touchpoint Template

The pre-meeting touchpoint template is great for making videos when you want to make sure a prospect is going to show up. However, we would recommend that you don’t overuse this video type. A gentle nudge and reminder is a great way to show your commitment and interest in your prospect, but you probably don’t want to use this video for every single meeting you might book with one prospect.

We recommend sending this early on in the relationship to ensure that the deal progresses. Once you’ve established trust and a rapport with your prospect, your pre-meeting touchpoints are probably done.

There is an exception to this rule, though. This can still be a super powerful video type to use when the scheduled meeting is quite complex with lots to cover. The pre-meeting touchpoint template is a great tool for setting the agenda for a busy meeting to make sure that all stakeholders are ready to go as soon as the meeting starts.

You can use the video script and accompanying email copy below to try this template out for yourself.

Pre-Meeting Touchpoint Video Script


Hi {prospect’s name}, {Your name} here from {your company name}. Just wanted to send you this quick video message to remind you of our scheduled call at {time and day of call}.


We’ll discuss how {your company}{go over 1-3 key challenges that the prospect mentioned that your product/service can solve}.


I'll show you {mention key topic of discussion for the next meeting}.


Looking forward to chatting {time and date of call}. If you have any questions before our call, feel free to reach out.

Thank You:

Thank you so much. I’m excited to show you how we can help!

Pre-Meeting Touchpoint Email Copy

Subject Line:

{contact's name}, I made you this quick video ahead of our meeting

Relevant Introduction:

Hi {contact's name},

Desired Outcome:

I made you this {insert video length} video ahead of our call {add date and time of call} to quickly re-cap what we'll be discussing. {insert or copy your video thumbnail and link and add to the email}

Call to Action:

I look forward to connecting with you, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.