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Recent News Cold Outreach Template

Show your prospect you’ve done your research. This cold outreach template relies on a piece of recent news about your prospect to establish a connection and highlight the relevancy of your outreach efforts.
Use this video template
Increase your response rate by sending a video that highlights recent news about the prospect, their job, their business, or their industry. This personalized prospecting tactic helps grab attention and communicate the value of your outreach, as well as why the solution you’re providing is relevant at this time.

What is recent news cold outreach?

Cold prospecting is an age-old sales technique that refers to reaching out to prospects with no knowledge of your business, or the services and solutions you offer. Cold outreach (often referred to as cold calling or cold prospecting) is probably one of the hardest jobs in sales.

One of the easiest ways to make cold outreach easier? Make your introduction relevant and personal. That’s where “recent news” cold outreach comes in. To make your cold outreach relevant to your prospect, you’ll need to do some research to understand who they are, what problems they have, and how you can help them.

When searching for insight on your prospect, a piece of recent news is often the best starting point. Whether it’s personal news like a new promotion, company news like an acquisition or new product launch, or industry news like a change in legislation or competitive landscape, these changes highlight new challenges and opportunities. Calling them out is a great way to make an impactful piece of cold outreach.

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How to use the recent news cold outreach template

To use this template, you’ll need a few key resources: A piece of news about your prospect that is both relevant and timely, as well as a screen and camera recorder like Vidyard.

Using your recording tool, you can highlight the specific piece of news in your video. Rather than recording a simple selfie-style video to explain that you saw an article on LinkedIn, TechCrunch, or your prospect’s company blog, you can actually show the article on question on-screen while you communicate the relevance of your outreach.

Think of it this way: If the piece of news is truly relevant to your prospect, they’re going to be aware of it. We’re pretty hardwired to react to things we know and recognize. The added visual cue is a great way to get a prospect to click play and remain engaged with your video.

When to use the recent news cold outreach template

This video can be used any time, but is obviously much more valuable when your prospect is part of a piece of relevant and timely news. The challenge and opportunities that arise out of change make it a great time to reach out and offer your product, service, or expertise to help a prospect navigate this period.