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Reconnect with a Prospect Template

Reconnect with a prospect through the power of video. When a lead goes cold, a short video message can help to re-communicate the value of your product or service and help reintroduce yourself to potential prospects.
Use this video template
Use this video to reignite the conversation with a prospect that’s gone cold. Use this video template to remind them why they were interested in buying from you to begin with and why now is the right time. Show off relevant reasons that now is the time to buy! Highlight current product promotions and how you can help navigate changes in industry trends, or show off new product features they would be interested in.

What is reconnecting with a prospect?

One of the harshest realities of prospecting is having leads go cold and unresponsive. Everything seemed to be going so well. You had a super productive discovery call, you’d been getting quick responses to your follow-ups, and then, suddenly…poof. Nothing. Nadda. Zilch. The prospect you thought was a sure thing stopped answering your emails, and started ignoring your LinkedIn messages and dodging your calls.

So, what can you do about it? When a lead stops responding to your outreach activities, it can seem like they’re sending a loud and obvious “no.” But this isn’t always the case. Before you change their Salesforce status from “Open” to “Lost,” try sending a reconnection video to check in and remind them who you are, and the great conversations you had about their problems.

Sometimes your prospects get busy, they get distracted, or things change internally and they’re not as ready to buy as you (and they) thought. A reconnection message can be a great way to reignite the conversation and get that deal moving again.

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Download this video template script

Easily make this video yourself with a free sales script template. Simply download the script and follow along as you record your own videos using Vidyard.

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How to use the Reconnect with a Prospect template

More than anything, the “Reconnect with a Prospect” template is a temperature check. You want to use this type of video to remind your lead about who you are and how you can help solve their problems. Include a clear call to action to help you understand what might have changed since you last spoke.

Remember to keep it light. You want to remind your prospect about the value that you can provide, but you want to make sure you’re respectful of their timelines, their goals, and are aware that things might have changed for them. When attempting to reconnect with a prospect, it’s always a good idea to act as a supportive partner rather than as a vendor. Use this opportunity to provide additional value, like a new product or service that’s highly relevant to the problems you already spoke about.

Find a way to show your prospect you care about their problems, not just about closing their business.

When to use the Reconnect With a Prospect template

It might seem pretty obvious, but you’ll probably want to use this template when you haven’t heard back from a prospect. Exactly when you should send this is likely defined by your current sales processes for dealing with cold leads.