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Sales Proposal Introduction Template

When sending a sales proposal to your potential customer, you can use this template to introduce what will be covered. It will give you a chance to show rather than tell and get your face in front of more stakeholders—so you know you’ll always have a seat at the table.
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You’ve reached the proposal stage of your deal. In a perfect world, you’ve had the chance to speak to every stakeholder at an account and have their buy-in on solving their problem using your solution. But that’s just not always realistic.

You can try to speak to all the major players, understand their pain points, present a unique solution, and get them excited to move forward, but that’s hard to do.

Ultimately, the final decision is made when you’re not in the room, likely by people you’ve never even interacted with.

And in this case, are you willing to risk your deal (and income) on the back of your champion’s ability to articulate their problem and sell your solution as well as you do?

Heck no! So how do you ensure your voice is heard when you’re not in the room? Through a sales proposal introduction video and we have a template for you.

What is a Sales Proposal Introduction Template?

A sales proposal introduction template directly addresses the problem, solution, and next steps in a sales proposal to a prospect through an email and video.

It includes a brief introduction email and a linked video that quickly lays out information regarding your proposal so that anyone watching can follow along and understand the value.

The email will ask the prospect to view the video and include a link to the sales proposal.

A sales proposal introduction video involves addressing three major areas:

1. Problem

  • Challenges the prospective company is facing
  • What has and will continue to cost them
  • Their objectives (ideal state)
  • Metrics that you can directly impact

2. Solution

  • How your solution will fix their problem
  • How long will it take to implement
  • Who will need to be involved
  • What it’s going to cost them
  • Terms of business

3. Next Steps

  • How to get in contact with you
  • What happens next if they would like to move forward

Including these three sections in your video will ensure proper coverage of all the relevant information for your prospects.

How to Use the Sales Proposal Introduction Template

Technically speaking, this video is straightforward to make. A webcam is perfect for this sales proposal introduction template. Using a tool like Vidyard, you can use the webcam recording feature to record yourself in a selfie-style video.

Record yourself in a tidy and professional space like an office or boardroom. As we saw in the video example above, the point of this video is to speak directly to the viewers with limited distractions.

Adding a link to your calendar as a CTA at the end of your video can be an extra prompt to encourage the viewer to book a meeting.

The video content will take up most of your preparation time. It’s a lot of content to remember, so using a script or notes will help you record your video in fewer takes.

When to Use the Sales Proposal Introduction Template

The sales proposal video is not a first-touch prospecting template. It takes time to create a captivating sales proposal, so you don’t want to waste your energy if the prospect is not at that stage yet.

The sales proposal introduction template is best used towards the end of the sales cycle after you’ve already had multiple interactions with your prospect and know they’re interested in moving forward.

For your sales proposal introduction, build on all the information you’ve gathered in your sales discovery and research and turn that into a tailored proposal made specifically for your prospect's needs.

Sales Proposal Introduction Video Script


Hey there! I’m{insert name} from {insert your company name}. I’ve been working with {insert name} to discuss solving some of the challenges your company’s been facing regarding {insert challenge}.


My understanding of the situation is this: {review situation and challenge}.

Your objective is to {insert objective}, and these are the metrics that I can directly impact with our product: {explain metrics}.


To try and solve this challenge for you, {insert your company name} can {insert how your solution will fix their problem}.

It will take about {insert how long will it take} to implement.

To action our solution, we’ll need to work with {insert who will need to be involved from both your team and theirs}.

Budget-wise, our solution will cost {insert what it will cost them}.

And the terms of business include {insert terms of business}.

Call to Action:

Take some time to review my sales proposal that’s included in the email, and let’s book a meeting to discuss putting this plan into action. You’ll find a link to my calendar at the end of this video. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Thank You:

Thank you so much. I’m excited to have the chance to show you how we can help, and I look forward to working together.

Sales Proposal Introduction Email Copy

Subject Line:

{Insert contact's name}, I have the proposal ready for your review

Relevant Introduction:

Hi {insert contact's name},

Desired Outcome:

I made you this {insert video length} video to explain {insert your company’s name} sales proposal for {insert prospect’s company name}.

{insert or copy your video thumbnail and link and add to the email}

You can review the sales proposal at this link: {insert a link to or attach the proposal to the email}.

Call to Action:

I look forward to connecting with you. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. You can reach me at {insert your phone number} or email at {insert your email}. You can also book our next meeting here {add link to your calendar booking app}.