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Sales Proposal Walkthrough Template

This sales proposal walkthrough template helps all the decision-makers at your account truly understand the value of your solution.
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Use this template to record and send a brief overview of your sales quote or proposal. It’s a great way to summarize your offering, go into more detail without dragging on, and keep stakeholders more engaged than a multi-page PDF. Plus, if you’re currently in the RFP process, a video helps you stand out amongst all those other proposals.

What is a sales proposal walkthrough?

You’ve connected with your prospect. You’ve delivered your pitch. You’ve shown off your demo. You’re so close to getting over the finish line! It’s time to deliver your sales proposal, close the deal, and ring the gong.

A sales proposal walkthrough helps you keep the momentum rolling all the way through to the handshake. Cover the most important elements of your proposal in a format that’s more memorable than a plain old PDF. Send it as an addendum to your traditional proposal document to add some life to this typically stodgy step of the sales process.

Your point of contact within the account can link your video to other stakeholders, giving everyone a chance to review the content on their own time. (Sellers often find that busy execs are more willing to watch a brief summary video than comb through a PDF.)

How to use the Sales Proposal Walkthrough Template

A sales proposal walkthrough video can be as long or short as your deal requires.

As you can see in the example above, for small deals, you can cover everything you need to in less than a minute. Conversely, if you’re closing in on a massive deal with many moving parts, your sales proposal walkthrough video may be longer, more detailed, or broken down into several short videos to address various topics.

Here’s how to record your own. Use your screen and webcam recorder to record your camera and your desktop at the same time. You’ll get all the benefits of face-to-face communication, while also showing the reference elements that are critical to the deal. For example, try scrolling through your proposal PDF while you talk, using Vidyard’s on-screen drawing tools to highlight the info you’re discussing.

Just break down the key elements of your proposal, answer any questions that you anticipate stakeholders may have, suggest next steps for them to take, and then send it off!

When to use the Sales Proposal Walkthrough Template

The sales proposal walkthrough template is a top-tier addition to just about any deal. Account contacts and stakeholders are sure to be impressed by your thoroughness and commitment to a personal relationship. It drops seamlessly into your typical proposal process. Give it a try to see for yourself!