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This is Your Brain on Video

The Study on Sales Emails That Sell

Remote? Hybrid? No matter how you’re selling, email doesn’t cut it anymore. In our first-of-its-kind scientific study, we discovered the neurological reason why video is a necessity for remote human interactions—and what it means for your sales process.

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Image of a video email that can lessens inbox anxiety

Your Inbox is Bad For You

Spending time looking at their inboxes puts people in a negative emotional state—which makes them less inclined to pay attention to your sales outreach. Here are the science-backed findings:

  • Text-based emails increase inbox anxiety
  • Video emails are a welcome break, easing inbox-related negativity
  • Send a video to alleviate inbox indignation and help your prospects engage

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Your Text Emails Have Already Been Forgotten

Nearly 60% of study participants remembered exactly 0 text emails after 48 hours. Want to stand out? You need to make your message stick. Here’s what the science suggests:

  • Recipients better recall video email content—especially with relevant titles and dynamic elements
  • Video emails result in higher engagement and more retention than text
  • Video lets you manage your audience’s attention and control the narrative

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60% of text based emails are forgotten after 48 hours. Video emails help recipients retain more.

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