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Vidyard: A Go-to-Market Perspective

In this report, GTM Partners analyzes Vidyard’s value as a video solution for GTM teams.

Learn how other businesses are using Vidyard to support their GTM activities. Get expert advice for leveraging Vidyard to help your own team succeed.

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“Vidyard appeals to sales and marketing organizations looking to drive engagement while better connecting with their prospects and target accounts. Customer and internal teams also benefit significantly from this engaging and personalized way of communicating in an increasingly digital world.”

If your GTM team isn’t investing in video, you’re falling behind the curve. In this report, you’ll discover how video intent, adoption, and value-add are on the rise across the business landscape.

Learn how Vidyard’s video platform helps GTM frameworks succeed. Dive into real-world customer success stories to see why sellers, marketers, and internal teams rave about Vidyard. Plus, find out how video can be a perfect fit for your unique GTM use case.

144% increase

in email response rates when including video

Up to 4x growth

in video adoption by GTM teams

94% of customers

saw time-to-value in less than three months

Top 3

Vidyard’s Top Three Value Propositions:

1. Increase engagement and response rates, and accelerate deals.

2. Deliver a personalized experience for prospects and customers.

3. Create seamless workflows and efficiencies across GTM teams.

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Download your free copy of Vidyard: A Go-To-Market Perspective. Get unique insights into the value of Vidyard and video for your GTM initiatives.