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Video Selling Master Class

Improve your sales skills and develop the video fundamentals you need to smash your sales goals—all in under 20 minutes.

Lesson 1
The Benefits of Video

Learn How To:

  • Break through inboxes
  • Build relationships at a distance
  • Explain complex topics simply
  • Accelerate deal cycles
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Lesson 2
Where to Use Video for Sales

Learn How To:

  • Create hyper-personalized videos
  • Use account-based videos at the right time
  • Scale personalization
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Lesson 3
How to Produce Great Sales Videos

Learn How To:

  • Use cost-effective equipment
  • Overcome camera shyness
  • Find the ideal length for videos
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Show Off Your Video Mastery

Each lesson has additional resources to augment your sales training in video. Sign up with Vidyard for free and put your new video sales skills into practice.