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10 Proven Video Scripts and Email Templates for Virtual Selling

To succeed at virtual selling, you need to make video a core part of your process. Check out the video scripts designed by the experts to supercharge your sales results.

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An illustration showing how to add videos to your emails with Vidyard for virtual selling.
An email template for virtual selling with video.

Video Scripts That Make Virtual Selling Easy

Getting started with video selling can be overwhelming. What videos do you make? What do you say on camera?

Vidyard joined forces with HubSpot and a fleet of sales-savvy agency partners to create 10 video scripts and email templates for virtual selling.

They’re proven to help you reach more prospects, accelerate deal cycles, and provide an engaging customer experience throughout your sales funnel.

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Video Scripts for Every Sales Stage

Download the guide to create amazing sales videos like this one in minutes.

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It saves me a lot of time, especially when I need to send complex instructions to our clients. And our customers love it too 🙂
The Chrome extension is great. Recent upgrades also have significantly improved usability including speaker notes and being able to move the talking head bubble.
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