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Virtual Sales Play

Selling has changed. Shouldn’t you?

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What’s Inside

Virtual sales is now unrecognizable from just a few years ago. Give your team a solid baseline—a virtual prospecting play that you know will work—and innovate from there.

A complete, step-by-step virtual prospecting playbook

  • Ideas for intriguing personal videos
  • 6 stages
  • 12 steps

Easy ways to earn more responses

  • Personal branding in sales
  • Adding real value in outreach
  • A/B testing ideas

Ideas for intriguing personal videos

  • The 45-second videos formats that earn responses
  • Messaging strategies
Learn How to 4x Your Close Rates
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How Do You Succeed in Virtual Sales?

To succeed in virtual sales, you have to systematize your winning outreach and create sales plays. That way, you raise the bar for everyone on your team. While your top-performers may ignore your pre-written sales cadences, they’ll at least be innovating from a better baseline. And for all those who are busy and plan to follow whatever guidelines are provided, you put them in a position to actually come across as personal.

This virtual sales playbook from Vidyard is designed to give your team a stronger prospecting baseline.

Virtual Selling Best
  • Adopt a sales play
  • Personal branding to stand out
  • Obsess over being helpful
  • Stick to it
  • Use video
  • Personalize
  • Stay positive
  • Use virtual selling tools

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