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The State of Sales and Virtual Selling Report

We teamed up with Demand Metric to survey hundreds of sales professionals on how the world of sales is changing. The result? A one-of-a-kind report highlighting the challenges and opportunities sales pros face, including remote selling trends, spotlights on how sellers can best use video, and an action plan with key recommendations for breaking through to more buyers.

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Person looking up shapes and a play button representing virtual selling trends and benchmarks
Graph illustrating the top challenges currently faced by sales teams.
Highlights from the Report

The Sales Landscape is Getting More Complex

Budget constraints, economic factors, and booking meetings with prospects are top challenges faced by sales professionals.

  • Over half say it’s getting harder to sell or reach buyers
  • Nearly 60% say they need more touches to close a deal
  • Most deals involve two to four key stakeholders in the buying process

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Video for Sales Continues to Rise

Most sales pros prefer remote and hybrid work, requiring better ways (like the use of asynchronous video) to stay connected when you can’t be there in person.

  • Almost 60% of sales pros are using video in the sales process
  • 71% of sales leaders want to roll out video messaging in the near future
  • Nearly half of all sales pros report that video increases close rates

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Illustration demonstrating positive response to video email

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Want to see what the future of sales and virtual selling holds? Download Vidyard’s Virtual State of Sales and Virtual Selling Report for unique insights into the way sales have changed.