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Account-Level Personalized Video Template

Help your account-based selling efforts sing by using this account-level personalized video template. Instead of a one-to-one approach, reach multiple prospects on one account using video to increase engagement, showcase your value, and save time.
Use This Video Template
You (and your marketing team) have done the research. You’ve identified target accounts, dialed in on a pain point, and are ready to roll out personalized touches to make magic happen. It can be challenging for prospects to cut through the inbox noise, and it can be incredibly time-consuming for you to make a personalized video for each and every contact on an account. Instead of creating one-on-one videos, this template helps you send a customized video to all prospects on one account. This approach can help your message hit more people quickly and show how your products and solutions prioritize their needs.

What is an Account-Level Personalized Video?

Account-level personalized video will help support account-based marketing (ABM) programs and campaigns and involves personalizing your video messages for one specific account at a time. Video content is designed to resonate with each account's unique needs and interests, making the video more relevant and engaging.

This type of video is great for increasing engagement, keeping your audience's attention, building a catered experience, and it’s proven to drive conversions. This type of video content is excellent across all stages of your prospecting efforts so long as it prioritizes customer needs. That said, it can be incredibly impactful when you’re starting a new customer relationship.

Account-level personalized video can be as personalized as makes sense for your customer profile. This template can be a rinse-and-repeat foundation to build a strong content arsenal and, like all parts of your ABM strategy, requires sound planning and execution.

How to use the Account-Level Personalized Video Template

Once you’ve finished your research and have positioning on how your product solves your customer’s problem, you’re ready to roll. All you need is a webcam and a visual personalization that instantly grabbing their attention. A prop like a whiteboard or a screen share can also help increase engagement since viewers can summarize your message and value quickly.

Don’t forget: it’s not just the audio that needs to be customized. Keeping a high personalization level by using the company logo in your visuals gives that jolt of familiarity and can spark that click action.

When to use the Account-Level Personalized Video Template

The account-level personalized video template is great for making videos early in your relationship and testing what will work with your particular approach to ABM. Additionally, it’s an excellent option for scaling the use of video in your ABM effort.

An enterprise video product that shows when viewers drop off can help you adjust video length and create benchmarks to highlight how video has made a difference to your conversion rate over each campaign.

Account-level videos are great for building trust and showing teams you’re willing to do the work to understand their needs–especially if they are unfamiliar with your product.

This template is a go-to that you can use for each of your ABM or target accounts, with tweaks here and there based on success and engagement. Tackling this kind of work at the account level instead of one-on-one prospecting can ensure your message hits all decision-makers quickly without worrying about having unique messaging for each role.

Leveraging the account-level personalization template is just as much about saving you time as it’s providing white glove service to your prospects. If you’re looking for a way to make your reach out personalized and save time, this is for you. Check out the video script and accompanying email copy below to try this template.

Account-Level Personalized Video Script


Hi, {account name} team, {Your name} here from {your company name}.


I wanted to quickly share X ways how {solution name} can {go over key challenges identified in research that your product/service can solve}.


Hopefully, this helps your team understand {how your product is a solution to their problem}.


I know your time is valuable, and I think we could help you get more of it back in your day.

Thank You:

Thanks very much, and I hope we’ll talk soon.

Account-Level Personalized Video Email Copy

Subject Line:

Here’s how {product/service name} can solve {account name’s} {problem}

Relevant Introduction:

Hi {prospect name},

Desired Outcome:

Finding ways to solve {problem} can be challenging. I made a quick video to run through how {product/service} can solve {pain point/key challenge}.

Call to Action:

We’re here to make it easier on your team. My calendar information is below–let’s get together and discuss options.