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January 28, 2022·6 min read

The Roadmap to Using Video In Your ABM Strategy [Infographic]

We’ve created a handy roadmap to show you where video can fit into your ABM strategy and how to use it effectively.

Here at Vidyard, it was an easy decision to use video in our ABM strategy. We’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons, what kind of videos work and what doesn’t. The fantastic thing about video is that it’s so versatile that you can use it at every touchpoint in your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. You can target key accounts at scale and create outreach opportunities with personalized sales videos, video email nurtures, retargeting ad videos, demo videos and more.

That’s why we created this easy-to-follow roadmap of how to use video in every stage of your ABM strategy. So gas up the car, prep your road trip playlist, and don’t forget your video camera (app) because we’re about to get you started on your journey.

The Roadmap to Using Video In Your ABM Strategy

Roadmap showing the journey through an ABM strategy

Download The Roadmap to Using Video In Your ABM Strategy infographic.

8 Ways Video Fits into an ABM Strategy

Video for Cold Outreach

Video helps your cold outreach stand out against all the other text-based emails in your prospect’s inbox.

When you create a custom video message for cold outreach to a key account decision-maker, make sure always to showcase your knowledge of the account and its business. Try only to share content relevant to what you know they’re interested in. Video analytics are helpful for this because you can track every view to score the account further.

Video Email Nurtures

The purpose of a video email nurture campaign is to release a series of emails to a subscriber or prospect based on their behavior with your other assets, whether that’s marketing content, website interactions, sales conversations or ads.

A video email nurture can drive higher engagement scores than text-based emails.

Retargeting Accounts with Videos

When using a video email nurture, you can launch retargeting ads at leads who hit a specific view threshold in your nurture. Retargeting ads are then shown to people who are already a contact in your database or have visited your website. Meaning, if they engaged with you before, they will now receive targeted ads for your business on websites and social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The retargeting ad structure ensures you’re showing the best type of content to the right audience at the right time and not burning significant ad dollars on leads that are too cold to convert.

Account-Level Personalized Video

Instead of the one-to-one approach, you can reach multiple recipients across one account with an account-specific personalized video. It still feels personal but can save a ton of time. By addressing a specific account pain point, you can increase engagement at scale while maintaining white-glove treatment. Plus, if you’re using an enterprise video platform, viewer analytics will let you know who watched and for how long.

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Customized Video Playlists

Customize pre-existing content in your library like demo videos, case studies or customer stories by recording a custom video introduction to a curated playlist. Record a quick 30-second introduction video to the content where you explain what it is and why it’s valuable to them. Then include a call to action in the video to drive them to the content if it’s on your website or in a video playlist, then make sure the following video is the content you’re addressing. Video introductions to pre-existing content help maintain the personal connection with your prospect with generic content.

Gifting and Direct Mail Videos

Gifting and direct mail on their own are great ways to personalize and scale account-level marketing. Adding video can help you take gifting and direct mail to the next level.

When creating a gifting video, always make sure to show the gift in the video thumbnail. Seeing the gift in the video will catch the recipient’s attention, because who doesn’t love getting a personalized message or a gift.

Follow-up Demo Videos

A demo video shows the viewer how to use software, set up a new device, or explain a complex topic. It’s the perfect example of a type of video that is scalable and repeatable in many ways.

Marketing-Produced Videos

Your video marketing strategy wouldn’t be complete without marketing-produced videos. These videos are how your customers will start recognizing you and your products. Having marketing-produced videos to pull from for your website, social meeting ads, and target account-level prospecting will help polish your brand identity.

Grab the Roadmap and Start Planning Your ABM Strategy

It’s clear to see that video can easily fit into all parts of your ABM strategy, and now that you’ve got this handy roadmap, you’ll be ready to press record in no time. Remember, you don’t need to be producing high-quality videos to get started with video selling. Just take your time to get comfortable on camera and start creating content. All you need is a webcam or mobile device, a microphone and the Vidyard Chrome Extension.

Alanna Gurr

Alanna Gurr

Alanna is a content marketer and a lover of all things video. Outside of office life, she can be found searching for that perfect cup of coffee, reading a good book, or performing her own music across Canada.