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Personalized Cold Outreach Template

This cold outreach template is a simple and effective prospecting video example you can use to stand out, grab attention, and make an impactful introduction.
Use this video template
While traditional cold outreach is often easy to ignore, it’s hard to forget an eye-catching video. First, use a simple prop to grab your prospects' attention. Next, use your video script to communicate that you’ve done your research, and that you truly understand your viewer’s business challenges. Finally, tell them how your solution can help them solve these issues.

What Is Personalized Cold Outreach?

You probably already know what cold outreach is, right? This traditional sales technique involves reaching out to potential prospects by phone, email, LinkedIn, or video message. Generally speaking, the “cold” in cold outreach refers to the idea that these prospects have no prior relationship with you, your business, or your services and solutions. The goal is simple: Contact as many people as you can in the hopes that you might be able to pitch your product or service and book a meeting.

Personalized cold outreach flips this idea on its head. Rather than blasting thousands of strangers with boring, generic content, personalized cold outreach coupled with video messaging lets you stand out, grab attention and establish a genuine connection with potential prospects.

Using video for personalized cold outreach offers some amazing benefits, including increased open rates, more replies, and more closed deals.

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How to Use the Personalized Cold Outreach Template

You'll need to do some research to make the most of this template. While video messaging is an effective communication tool for your entire sales process, the personalization benefits of video outreach help make your cold outreach just a little bit warmer.

Personalized cold outreach is all about working smarter, not harder. A little bit of research goes a long way.

As with any outreach tactic, you want to know your prospect before you reach out to them. This ensures you can craft a pitch that speaks directly to their specific needs and problems. With video, you have the added benefit of showing them you’ve done your research rather than simply telling them through email, text-based messaging, or a phone call.

To effectively use this template, get to know who your prospect is, where they fit in the organization, and what their responsibilities, challenges, and pain points may be. A selfie-style webcam video recording works well to put a face to the name and stand out. A prop like a whiteboard, personalized to your prospect’s name, will be that little extra personalization touch that might entice them to click play.

Then simply organize your pitch to include a short introduction, communicate your value proposition, explain why you’re reaching out, encourage them to reply or book a meeting, and finally thank them for their time.

When to Use the Personalized Cold Outreach Template

This personalized cold outreach template can be used whenever you want to stand out. It’s a highly effective way to cut through the noise of prospecting communications to show that you’ve done your research, know your prospect’s pain points, and have a solution that’s a perfect fit for them.

You can use the sample video script and accompanying email copy below to try this template out for yourself.

Personalized Cold Outreach Video Script


Hi {prospect’s name}, I'm {Your name} from {your company name}. Just wanted to send you this quick video message to remind you of our scheduled call at {time and day of call}.


I’m making you a quick video because I see you’re a {prospect’s title} at {prospect’s company}.

{mention 1-2 points about a common challenge for someone in their position that you can solve}


I want to share how {your company} is helping companies such as {cite a few successful customers that your company has} solve this challenge.


If you’d like to hear more about how {mention the concern your company can address}, you can reach me at {provide a way for them to contact you}.

Thank You:

Thank you so much. I’m excited to show you how we can help!

Personalized Cold Outreach Email Copy

Subject Line:

{Prospect’s name}, I made you this {insert video length} video just for you

Relevant Introduction:

Hi {prospect’s name},

Desired Outcome:

I noticed that {call out something from their LinkedIn or something about their persona}.

I made you this {insert video length} video because of your focus on going {reference a customer story your prospect can relate to—something in their industry or a competitor can work well} and I’d like to share with you how {customer in their industry saw results from your soultion}.

See my video here:

{insert or copy your video thumbnail and link and add to the email}

Call to Action:

Do you have {time you’re requesting with them} in your calendar this week to chat and see how {your solution could help them meet their goals}.