It’s been said time and time again that video is the most effective medium for building stories and conveying emotions. And emotional stories are one of the strongest ways to connect with your audience.

No one can argue with that.

But we invite you to try after watching this collection of 5 recent video examples that’ll fill you with excitement, hope, pride, fear, and yes, sadness. Out with the words and in with the videos — ranked in order of potential to tickle your heart — we’ll leave you to it.

1. Garnier’s ‘Beautiful Horror’ Flick

2. Momondo’s ‘DNA Journey’

3. Interac’s ‘The Surprise’

4. University of Waterloo’s ‘Landmine Boys’

5. 30 Millions D’Amis Foundation’s ‘Do Not Abandon’

Warning: if you’re a dog lover (or have a heart of any sort), this one is particularly saddening. An important message and a phenomenal video, but viewer discretion is advised.

I’ll give you a minute to collect yourself (*phew*). … And then I want to know, which one was your favorite? Vote for the videos 1-5 in the comments below!

Kimbe MacMaster