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When your sister learned how to tie her shoe before you, you didn’t skulk away, you looked over her shoulder and learned from her. When your goldfish learned how to do backflips in the water you watched him for hours and hours and then tried it for yourself in the backyard pool. And when your friend learned how to land a date you took note … notes, even.


Because you know that the best way to achieve success yourself is to learn from those already having success, themselves.

And that, victory-hungry marketers, is exactly why we surveyed hundreds of marketers leading the industry in video marketing: to learn what obstacles they’ve overcome, what types of videos they get the best results from, how their budgets are changing, and more deep, dark secrets of the well-accomplished.

So what are you waiting for? Your invitation to video marketing victory awaits!

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  • 44% of successful video marketers agree that the lack of a strong video strategy is the biggest obstacle to success (Click to tweet!)
  • 46% of accomplished video marketers are using video to inflate customer education (Click to tweet!)
  • More than half of successful marketers believe that customer testimonials are the most effective type of videos (Click to tweet!)
  • Over 55% of winning video marketers are dialing into marketing tech for video reporting and analytics (Click to tweet!)

Kimbe MacMaster