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Key Results from Using Vidyard


Increase in Open Rates


Increase in Reply Rates


New Meetings Booked

ReviewTrackers’ Success with Video for Sales

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How do you convince a sales team that video prospecting is the single best way to land more business? You make a game of it, of course.

In this classic Cinderella story, sales training firm JB Sales partnered up with Vidyard to turn ReviewsTrackers’ nine-person sales team into a video prospecting powerhouse. In just 60 days, ReviewsTrackers’ sales reps sent over 100% more personalized emails. They achieved a 22% increase in open rates, a 92% increase in reply rates, and landed four new customer meetings in their first two weeks of using video.


Create a Video Selling Powerhouse in Just 60 Days

Morgan Ingram is JB Sales’ Director of Execution and Evolution. His focus is on delivering training to sales development teams working in top technology brands such as Salesforce, Google, and Zoom, enhancing their skill sets and performance.

Morgan’s also an evangelist for using video as a sales prospecting tactic. An early adopter of the Vidyard platform, he made his reputation as a disrupter by using video for sales way back in 2016 with the help of Vidyard’s screen recording tool. He’s been espousing the benefits of video for sales to his JB Sales clients ever since.

“I believe that when everyone is doing something, it’s time to find another way so you continue to stand out,” says Morgan. “Video was—and still is—a unique form of communication in sales. It also allows me to display my humanity and creativity, and it’s really fun to do. People like to receive a personal video built just for them. It’s a different way to receive information and helps to quickly build rapport and create relationships.”

JB Sales’ clients were intrigued.

Says Morgan, “I started getting a lot of questions from people who follow me on social media and from our clients. They wanted to know how I created the video, and how it performed in terms of results. So we knew the concept was gaining traction with our target audience.”

Enter Kelly Driscoll, JB Sales’ Director of Sales and Partner Operations. After seeing clients’ reactions to Morgan’s videos, Kelly decided to build the definitive business case for using video as a prospecting tool.

His mission? Find an organization that had zero experience with video, train the team on video prospecting best practices (for free), and—POW—turn them into a selling powerhouse.

The company put out an offer to its thousands of social followers, inviting firms to apply for what it called “The Great Video Experiment.” It was flooded with 78 individual replies from sales managers.

“There was certainly no shortage of interest,” says Kelly.

After carefully considering all the applications in partnership with Vidyard, the JB Sales team selected ReviewTrackers, a customer experience software provider, as its video experiment partner. ReviewsTrackers’ sales team was metrics-oriented, its products worked well with video, and the team was keen to learn.

“We found our Cinderella,” says Kelly.

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Video Plus a Points System Gets Reps Fired Up

To get the experiment rolling, the ReviewTrackers team was onboarded to the Vidyard platform and given some training on how to prospect using video. After a few trial runs, they were off and running. In just two weeks, the team had landed four new meetings just from videos, excluding any other form of outreach such as cold calling and emails.

“I was honestly impressed at what the reps were coming up with and how creative they were with the videos they were creating,” says May Parell, Senior Sales Manager at ReviewTrackers. “It allowed reps to find their groove and try things out they may not normally have done.”

She further sweetened the pot by implementing a point system for her reps. Competitive by nature, the ReviewTrackers team was awarded a point for every time they got a response from their video and two points if they scheduled a meeting or landed a new opportunity. A leaderboard helped to track everyone’s progress. Top-performing reps were matched up with colleagues for some one-on-one coaching.

May Parell

Implementing a new tool with the sales team isn’t always easy.
Luckily for us, Vidyard made it easy to prove this out.
Within the first two weeks of using the platform,
we had four new meetings just from the videos.

That’s excluding any other outreach⏤cold calls, emails,
anything else.

May Parell

Senior Sales Manager, ReviewTrackers


A 92% Increase in Email Replies and 28 Meetings Landed

Over the 60-day experiment, ReviewTrackers sales reps sent out 120 videos and were able to double their meetings booked month-over-month. They sent over 100% more personalized emails and achieved a 22% increase in open rates, a 4% increase in click-through rates, and a 92% increase in reply rates.

One ReviewTrackers rep landed an outbound meeting with the CEO of a Canadian restaurant business after sending him a personalized one-minute video. That opportunity is now mid-way through the pilot phase and going well.

Colleen Freedman

Using video to prospect has really
helped our team focus on personalization
and has yielded amazing results.

Colleen Freedman

Director of Revenue Operations, ReviewTrackers

At the end of the first month, video had helped the ReviewTrackers team land nine new meetings. By the end of month two, they had 19 new meetings on the calendar.

“I can’t wait to see what their numbers look like a year from now,” says Kelly.

Video Selling Tips from the JB Sales Pros

  1. Offer initial training on the platform and a few sessions on video selling best practices to get everyone familiar with the tools and the concept of using video
  2. Practice makes perfect – encourage the team to do some test runs and invite feedback from colleagues to make sure everyone is comfortable with using video
  3. Tap your video superstars to serve as role models and mentors to offer one on one coaching to other team members
  4. Meet regularly as a team to share what’s working and what’s not
  5. Work with sales managers to incentivize the right behavior. Create some healthy competition among peers with a points system and a leaderboard
  6. Track your KPIs including, number of videos sent (personalized vs generic), open rates, response rates, meetings secured, opportunities created, revenue generated
  7. Think beyond prospecting. Brainstorm ways video can be used throughout the sales process
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About JB Sales

JB Sales was founded by John Barrows as a response to the incredibly limited amount of formal academic sales training that exists for the #1 global profession. Through decades of experience, he created On-Demand and Sales Training programs offering dynamic sales education to corporations and individuals online, on-site, and remotely.

About ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers is dedicated to building simple, helpful technology that bridges the gap between the brand and the customer. The company’s software empowers businesses to understand their customers better, build more trust, and find the insights that move their business forward.

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