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Key Results from Using Vidyard


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The Intelex marketing team used Vidyard to revitalize the company’s demo process by implementing a video-powered custom demo builder. Prospects who are interested in Intelex’s cloud management software services can request tailored video playlists based on their use case and desired features.

The reimagined demo process drives more user engagement, takes the pressure off the sales team, and integrates with other elements of Intelex’s tech stack (like Pardot for lead scoring). In 2023, video accounted for 52% of all marketing-influenced pipeline.


Redesigning Product Demos for Scalability

The Intelex marketing team faced the daunting challenge of conveying the capabilities of their software solution while also improving the company’s brand positioning and awareness. One key milestone of the project was revamping Intelex’s approach to product demos with an eye for efficiency.

Previously, Intelex’s sales team had handled demos, taking time away from higher-value tasks that led to closed deals. The goal was to introduce a scalable demo solution to better support both prospective customers and sales reps.


Leveraging Vidyard to Evolve the Demo Process

The Intelex team sought a solution that would offer a self-serve demo experience. This would better align with the preferences of customers while reducing the burden on the sales team. It would also streamline and de-friction the demo request process, making it more accessible while maintaining configurability and providing valuable internal insights.

The solution involved leveraging Vidyard’s video hosting platform to create a “demo builder.” The marketing team crafted 25 individual videos to showcase specific product features. Prospective customers could design their own tailored demo, choosing their desired use cases, industries, or areas of interest.

They’d then be emailed a personalized playlist of videos automatically chosen from that 25-video library, based on their selection during the demo request process.

Overall, this approach provided a user-friendly, integrated demo solution that tightly personalized each unique demo to each unique prospect, enhancing both engagement and lead generation.

This approach to demo delivery is seamlessly integrated with Pardot for lead scoring and streamlined lead management. Based on the score, leads are handed over to the sales team for follow-up.

Beyond the demo builder, feature videos are embedded on Intelex’s website pages. They feature simple, on-brand content with clear instructions that enhance both user experience and engagement.

When it comes to the demo builder, Intelex’s favorite Vidyard features include:

  • CTAs with Tracking Codes: The ability to create call to action (CTA) buttons with tracking codes provides valuable insights into the source of user engagement, enabling more targeted marketing efforts.
  • Analytics: Robust analytics capabilities allow for in-depth performance review, enabling data-driven decision-making. This includes analyzing views, retention rates, and drop-off points to optimize content and user experience.
  • Voiceovers and Captions: Voiceovers and captions enhance accessibility and user experience, particularly for audiences with language preferences or accessibility needs. Additionally, captions are integral for analytics and content optimization.
  • Time Codes: Time codes provide a granular understanding of user engagement within videos, enabling targeted improvements and content optimization.


Increased Pipeline and Multi-Year Success

The implementation of the new demo process yielded significant results:

  • Pipeline Growth: In 2023, video was responsible for 52% of all marketing-influenced pipeline, showcasing the effectiveness of the new demo approach in driving leads and conversions.
  • #2 CTA on Website: The “Customize Your Demo” button quickly rose to become the second most effective call to action (CTA) on Intelex’s website, second only to the “Free Trial” button. This consistent performance over multiple years underscores the customizable demo’s effectiveness in engaging and converting website visitors.
  • Impact on the Sales Team: While the new demo process emerged as a powerful marketing tool, it was originally targeted to alleviate pressure on the sales team—which it achieved. The self-serve demo experience reduces the sales team’s workload while providing valuable insights into customer engagement preferences, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales efforts.
  • Adaptability to Remote Work: Amidst challenges posed by remote work setups, the new demo process proved to be resilient, facilitating seamless engagement and lead generation even in a remote environment. This adaptability further solidifies its status as a cornerstone of Intelex’s sales and marketing strategy.

Overall, these results underscore the transformative impact of the new demo process, not only in driving substantial pipeline growth but also in empowering the sales team and fortifying the company’s marketing capabilities.

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