Remember commercials? If you still have cable TV, you probably encounter them on a regular basis, but as more families are ‘cord-cutting’ in favor of online streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, commercials are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Or at least, they were…

Forrester Research has bad news for marketers. Consumers are using ad-blocking software more than ever before, and the culprit is video. But not just any video – interruptive video. The kind of pre-roll ads that take a page from television-era advertising that do nothing but disrupt the viewing experience. And when everyone is skipping video ads – or worse, blocking them entirely – nobody wins.

So what is a business to do? Well, thankfully Forrester has some answers on that as well. In Video Strategy for the Post-Digital Age, Forrester outlines three strategies for building engagement, whether your prospects are looking to buy, or just casually consuming content.

Download the report, and learn how you can start creating the kind of videos your prospects won’t want to skip!

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Jon Spenceley