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People love video.

I mean they love video.

People spend a staggering six hours a day watching video! Outside of breathing, there might not be any activity that unites us as people more than watching video.

As a result, video is something that marketers are very eager to figure out — but, for the most part, video has kind of stumped us. Our CMO, Kipp, digs into why video is so hard here. But the short story is that video is hard to makeexpensive, and hard to measure.

But look closely…while marketers are out there trying to make their brand video “go viral,” you know what videos people are actually watching?

  • Instagram Stories from their best friend
  • Snapchat videos
  • Poorly produced YouTube tutorials
  • LinkedIn influencers #hustling on their way to work
  • Facebook videos of kids being adorable

Brands are investing thousands of dollars in polished, “viral” videos, but consumers are watching personal, authentic, 1:1 videos.

This is why we partnered with Vidyard on HubSpot Video. We have been watching the appetite for video rise, specifically the appetite for videos that are fast, personal, and 1:1. And we wanted to build a set of features that would help our customers leverage the power of that kind of video.

But when we got to work, we quickly realized a single product wasn’t the answer. We figured out that for video to work it needs to be a tool that everyone at your business can use, across marketing, sales, and customer service.

We didn’t need a new product, we needed a platform wide video-ification of HubSpot.

HubSpot Video is that solution and it’s now included as part HubSpot pro and enterprise.

With these ambitious goals in place we knew we’d need a great partner to pull it off.

They’d need to have best in class video technology — this technology is not easy to build and partnering could dramatically accelerate our time to market and meet our customer’s high standards.

We’d need a partner who was like minded about the future of video and had expertise in video for marketing, sales, and customer service.

And finally we’d need a partner we can trust.

Enter Vidyard.

A HubSpot Connect partner since 2016, Vidyard checked all our boxes and more. We’re thrilled to build HubSpot Video with them and excited about what it means for companies ready to grow through video. Our visions are very aligned, and they’ve proven themselves to be a great partner to our customer base.

What is HubSpot Video?

Now live, HubSpot Video is a series of new video functionality, woven throughout the HubSpot platform. It’s a platform-wide solution included for all our pro and enterprise customers. Learn more about HubSpot Video here.

  • Marketers can now host and manage video files inside of HubSpot for free. Users can embed those videos into website pages, blogs, and social media channels with just one click, and add in-video calls-to-action and forms to make videos interactive. New tools like video-triggered workflows and a new set of video analytics help maximize the impact of video marketing campaigns.
  • Salespeople can build stronger relationships with prospects by creating, sharing, and tracking personalized videos right from the HubSpot CRM.
  • Service teams can help customers faster and more completely with personalized help videos created and shared directly from Service Hub. Representatives can record their screen right from a ticket and send to customers, improving service and solving issues faster. Service teams can also embed these videos in their knowledge base.

Why Vidyard?

Vidyard offers HubSpot Video users a great piece of technology. Their player, hosting, and transcoding offerings serve more than 2 Million videos for 300,000 users globally. Combine that with all the tools you love in HubSpot and we’re able to offer a very simple, but powerful solution for no additional cost inside of HubSpot.

We of course didn’t just arrive at Vidyard instantly. We considered many options, including building in-house, and several other comparable video solutions. Ultimately, we found Vidyard to be the best fit for our customers based on its rich set of features, generous hosting allowance, and seamless incorporation into HubSpot at no additional charge to our users. We’re really excited about the partnership.

While we think HubSpot Video is a great solution, we recognize the importance of an open ecosystem, and users may opt to use another video platform. We’ll continue to invest in opening our platform to any provider interested in integrating to HubSpot, including other video providers.

We’re proud to work deeply with Vidyard to bring video to HubSpot and excited to bring a free taste of the Vidyard product to all our customers.

What’s next: A shared vision for video.

HubSpot and Vidyard both want to help businesses succeed through the power of video.

If you’re ready to start using authentic, personal, 1:1 videos to connect with prospects and customers — we’re launching a brand new HubSpot Academy Video certification with Vidyard. This course covers everything marketers, sellers, and service teams need to start executing on a video strategy.

People love video. And I’m thrilled to see HubSpot bringing the same authenticity of Instagram Stories and YouTube tutorials to growing businesses everywhere. So get yourself in front of a camera, it’s time to create some videos!

Are you excited about HubSpot Video? Already using it? Looking for ideas on what you could start recording with it? Sound off in the comments below

Andrew Lindsay, VP of Corporate and Business Development at HubSpot