Video is the New Norm for Today’s Business

In recent years, the role of video has changed dramatically for many businesses. Once reserved for brand marketing and social media, video is now thriving as a better way to educate buyers, share customer stories and build more personal relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Which is why everyone at Vidyard is so excited for today’s announcement about the release of HubSpot Video powered by Vidyard!

Why are we excited about HubSpot Video?

Because we LOVE video.

It’s really that simple, we have always been dedicated to helping leading marketing, sales, and customer experience teams create amazing experiences for their audiences with video.

So by powering HubSpot Video, Vidyard we will be able to help power even more businesses to access, create, share, and track their videos from within their favorite CRM, HubSpot. It will allow them to easily unleash the power of video across their entire business from marketing and sales, to support and customer success.

It’s time to leverage video across your entire business

With the release of HubSpot Video, we wanted to help showcase how businesses can use video across their teams. So we’ve pulled together some amazing articles, guides, and of course videos to help inspire you with all the ways you can use video across marketing, sales, and support.

Marketing Teams

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into video marketing, or have hundreds and hundreds of amazing videos on in a video marketing platform your priority is about bringing in results to impress your leaders, generate leads, build pipeline and help close deals.

Here are 3 key resources to help you drive real business results with your video marketing:

1. Your Go-to Guide for Video Marketing Is Here!

  • We’ve compiled our Video Marketing Handbook as your one-stop-shop for everything from video production to optimizing and tracking your video’s performance.

2. The Most Effective B2B Video Types for Every Stage of the Funnel

  • You can’t be a one-video wonder in today’s marketing landscape. Discover the 8 key B2B video types and where to use them in your funnel

3. Using Video for Better Demand Generation: Why, What, How?

  • We explore how you can use video across a myriad of demand gen programs to help address your common demand gen challenges head-on and set yourself up for future success.

Sales Teams

Spammy tactics and spray-and-pray messaging evaporates trust and kills your credibility as a salesperson. Leveraging video in your sales cadence is a game-changing way to build trust, establish authenticity, and strengthen relationships with your buyers.

Here are 3 key resources to help you drive real sales results with video:

1. Adding Video to Your Sales Cadence: What, Why and How?

  • John Barrows & Morgan Ingram from JBarrows Sales Training cover best practices for how to use video in your sales cycle to optimize results and strengthen relationships with prospects.

2. 6 Mega Trends in Sales, SaaS, and Video from HubSpot’s Chief Sales Officer

  • After sitting down with Hunter Madeley, Chief Sales Officer at HubSpot, for nearly an hour by the toasty fire, there are 6 things he predicts about sales that absolutely blew our minds.

3. Prospecting with Video – Best Practices

  • In this episode of Vidyard Chalk Talks, we share the latest best practices for creating personal video messages, webcam or selfie videos, and screen capture videos that are proven to convert for inside sales and sales development teams.

Customer Success and Support teams

You can use video to introduce yourself, address support questions or requests, personalize your follow-ups, and send thank-you messages after a customer interaction or problem resolution.

Here are 3 key resources to help you engage with your customers and nurture ongoing relationships:

1. Top 5 FAQ’s About Using Video for Customer Support

  • Top support teams around the world have a not-so-secret weapon—video. By adding video to the post-sale customer experience, businesses are able to provide a personal touch and engage better with customers across their entire lifecycle.  

2. Crush Your Support Goals With Video

  • Marketers and salespeople have long known the explanatory power of video and it’s high time customer support businesses caught up. Why is video so impactful? Because it offers a higher informational throughput than legacy channels such as email, phone, or live chat.

3. How You Can Use Video To Enhance Your Customer Support

  • Find out how you can use video for customer support to enhance your approach and leave your customers feeling informed, satisfied and empowered to get the most out of their experience with your product or service!

So what do you think about video-enabled businesses? Are you excited about the launch of HubSpot Video? Are you currently using video across all of your teams? Tell us all about it in the comments below and let us know!

Hannah Cameron