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January 3, 2021·2 min read

The Best Small Business Tech Stack [Infographic]

Having the right marketing technology is crucial to success—especially for small businesses. Find out what tools you should consider for your business.

Running a growing business is hard work. Really hard work. 

You need to make every minute count. Of course, to be your most efficient and effective self, you also need the right tools and the right small business technology stack.

That means that optimizing your martech is essential to success.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to waste a second hunting for small business technology worth using. We’ve already pulled together a list of all the best marketing tech for small businesses like yours.

We’ve rounded up the small business technology and tools to help with content and social media, website, automation, and email, digital advertising, creation and design, collaboration and project management, contact and customer management, and analytics.

So, no matter what you’re trying to get better or faster at, we’ve got you covered.

Small business technology recommendations for marketing tools

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Alex Ioannidis

Alex Ioannidis

Alex was previously a Segment Marketing Manager at Vidyard. When he’s not strategizing his next big marketing program, you’ll find him on a baseball diamond or lapping a mountain on his snowboard.